Zhang Kecheng, “The Most Beautiful Tax Man” : A Tax hero who sticks to Yimeng Mountain area

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Qilu network · Lightning news on January 31, recently, the Central Propaganda Department, the State Administration of Taxation jointly organized the “shining name – the most beautiful tax people release ceremony”, shandong nationality tax worker Zhang Kecheng was selected.In Zhang Kecheng’s wardrobe, there are always two sets of suits.”Taking off the uniform and putting on the tax uniform was a life’s work for me. It was very memorable.”State Administration of Taxation Mengyin County tax Bureau tanbu tax sub-bureau of the first sponsor Zhang Kecheng said.After 16 years in the army, Zhang Kecheng was honored with first-class military achievements.In 1999, he transferred to mengyin County tax system.Could have worked in the county bureau, but he turned to the county 50 kilometers away from the Dai Gushan district branch, can only go home once a week.Zhang Kecheng said, “Because there is a shortage of people there, that is, it is far away.Originally, I came out from the countryside, all day long to deal with the land, rural children, what bitter tired to eat.”Veterans of war, new recruits to the tax system, have to learn everything from scratch.The mountain road was rugged and difficult to walk, so Zhang Kecheng visited all the taxpayers in his area by bicycle and motorcycle for tax guidance.Over the past 20 years, the enterprises under his jurisdiction have grown from hundreds to tens of thousands, and the mountain roads he has run have exceeded 100,000 kilometers.Gong Maoli, an individual taxpayer in Mengyin County, said: “He has done a lot of good things for the villages around us. You see he is really the tax administrator for our people.”From Daigu, Tanbu to Jiuzhai, Zhang Kecheng has been sticking to yimeng mountain area.Tian Yongjun, Zhang’s wife, said, “I don’t care about anything at home.Just waiting for him to be in the hospital, his grandmother to die, the baby to get married, a total of 20 days off work.”From the creation of “WuQing execution of work” (that is, the number, business address, industry scale of qing qing qing, taxes paid, management changes in qing qing) to join the fight against the disease the party members’ vanguard, 23 years, from tax Zhang Kecheng taxpayers with complaints, has been rated as “national outstanding communist party member”, “national model veterans” and “national tax is the most beautiful people”.Shen Ruifang, Secretary of the Party Committee and director of Linyi Taxation Bureau of the State Taxation Administration, said, “Zhang Kecheng has the political character of being loyal to the Party and always keeping his true colors, as well as the spirit of being a public servant, which shows the rich connotation of yimeng spirit.Lightning news reporter Wu Wancong Gu Huiyuan Linyi Tai Hui Mingzhi Wu Pengfei reports