Stir-fry cabbage, many people the first step is wrong, the chef teaches you the correct way, fresh and refreshing

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Keep healthy and nutritious tips around you every day.Although the beginning of spring has passed, but the weather is still as cold, and even signs of cooling, it is too cold, if you use cooling, that go out to wear more clothes, do not catch a cold oh!During the Spring Festival, we must have eaten a lot of big fish and meat. Sometimes there was not even a vegetarian dish on the table. My friend even joked to me that he was tired of eating chicken and duck at the table, so he wanted to eat something light.Speaking of light dishes, qing Qing will recommend this stir-fried cabbage, we often eat cabbage, before the Chinese New Year many friends have a lot of stock, then do you know how to stir-fry delicious cabbage?There are a lot of people who don’t get it right the first time, so the chef taught me how to cook it so it’s crispy and delicious and it’s ready to eat. Let’s take a look!:Chinese cabbage edible salt edible ginger old oyster sauce Mature vinegar garlic dried chilli starch sugar a, wash the cabbage cabbage price is cheaper, its production is very high, we can get all the year round, although it is not expensive, its nutritional value is very high, which contain rich vitamin, dietary fiber and other nutrients,It is also known as the “dish of the common people” for its functions of promoting digestion and regulating immunity.So here is out of our affordable nutritious Chinese cabbage, cut the cabbage roots, peel off the outside bad vegetables leaf, then the leaves piece to peel, peel after on board in CaiBang cut with a knife down, in the transverse oblique knife to cut the cabbage into small pieces, and this can decrease as far as possible when making the water too much, eat to be brittle,This point we should pay attention to oh!Put the cabbage in a large bowl with plenty of water and two tablespoons of salt. Remove the dirt and impurities and drain the leaves in a basket.Only stir-fried cabbage will taste too light. We can add some ingredients to make it more appetizing.First prepare a piece of ginger and a few pieces of garlic, wash the ginger, cut into ginger on the chopping board, peeled garlic and cut into garlic slices, if you like to eat spicy, then prepare a few dried chilies, cut the chilies into small pieces, put together in the plate.Then make a sauce, take out a small bowl, put a small amount of salt, sugar and oyster sauce, then add a spoonful of light soy sauce, a spoonful of dark soy sauce, a spoonful of vinegar, and appropriate amount of starch, finally add a few spoonfuls of water, stir them well with a spoon, reserve for later use.The process is also very simple. Put the pot on the stove and pour the right amount of bottom oil. After the oil is hot, the onion and ginger are put down to explode, and then the dry pepper is poured into stir-fry.Then pour into Chinese cabbage, Chinese cabbage Fried soft, then pour juice, the process must be fire like stir fry all the way, all the ingredients inside will stir occasionally can out of the pot, after such orders a dish of crunchy vinegar cabbage is ready, we should pay attention to when cut cabbage cut at an Angle, so it is not easy to water, fry out will be crisp, oh!All right!Have you learned how the chef cooks cabbage?Is it also very simple, so fried cabbage is very crisp appetizing oh!If you also enjoyed today’s sharing, please give Qingqing a thumbs up!You can also forward more to share with more friends, finally follow Qingqing, next time to share more delicious tips.