New semester, children separation anxiety how to crack?To parents

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Every back-to-school season, children and parents fall into a restless mood — separation anxiety.Many kindergartens are crying into a piece, some parents just left, the child began to cry, Shouting “I want my mother”, “I want to go home”……Sometimes children cry inside and parents cry outside.For a child, going to kindergarten for the first time and being separated from mom and dad for a whole day is a very big thing.From a familiar home into a strange kindergarten, many children are unavoidable a crying, kindergarten gate, almost became a sea of tears.This is classic separation anxiety.I. What is admission separation anxiety?The so-called separation anxiety in kindergarten refers to a kind of anxiety, restlessness and other emotions and behaviors when children are separated from their caregivers when they enter kindergarten.Almost every child faces a time of separation anxiety.Within one month after entering the kindergarten, the children will transition from family life to collective life, temporarily separated from their families, and their living environment, activity mode and behavior rules will change.These sudden changes make children lack a sense of security, followed by psychological fear, it is easy to mood swings, crying, illness, absence and other phenomena, some children need a long time to get rid of this mood.We should face up to the positive role of anxiety in the process of children’s development, as well as the possible negative effects, positive guidance, control, and lay a foundation for children’s future healthy development.Two, the manifestation of separation anxiety when children enter the kindergarten separation anxiety has the following forms of expression: # Crying big trouble to kindergarten, crying and Shouting in the corridor, go to the gate of the kindergarten, can hear the voice of tearing heart crack lung.# Hobbies Often carry small quilts, blankets, and mom’s clothes from home.Just got back into the habit of eating your hands.When the parents leave, she runs outside the class, grabs her mother’s thigh and refuses to let go. If her mother leaves the kindergarten, she will kick and hit the door of the class or kindergarten.# Snivelling attack not only means crying and Shouting, but also can’t be approached. If approached, they will even hit children and teachers.Always running after the teacher asking if Mom will pick me up in a minute.Keep asking the teacher.# Wait-and-see expectant leaning on the windowsill, or sitting closest to the door, always looking out of the door, who passes by the door, to see if his mother is coming to pick him up.They don’t say anything, they don’t eat, they don’t drink, they don’t get out of their seats, they just cry.The teacher did not respond to his communication, as if he could not hear.After picking up a teacher in kindergarten, he followed her wherever she went until his mother came to pick him up.# Unreasonable yelling, intentionally throwing toys on the floor, throwing food on the table.Of course, there are children who are integrated, who behave this way and behave that way.Home after the babies will also appear emotional instability: some babies will often lose their temper, always cry, sleep will wake up;There will be behavioral regression, such as the cessation of bed-wetting, at which point bed-wetting may begin.I used to eat by myself, dress myself, organize my toys and so on, but now I don’t do it at all.In severe cases, some babies will be sick and have other discomforts during this period.Three, how to deal with separation anxiety?Even if you’re in a hurry to leave, kiss your baby or wave before you leave.Farewell time is not too long, or it may cause baby anxiety, try to say goodbye to the baby at the same time in the same place, in the same way.Always say goodbye to your baby before you leave.2, farewell to the firm attitude of the mother can not bear to refuse the child with tears with crying requests, repeated farewell, repeatedly back to comfort the child, will make the situation more difficult to deal with.When saying goodbye to your baby, be happy and firm and give your baby a loving hug and kiss.The baby is very sensitive to the emotions of adults, he will be keen to feel our sad sad, if the parents’ emotions are not calm, we can not expect the baby to keep calm.3, don’t sneak out recommended many psychologists and education against parents take a similar approach: although we temporarily escaped the baby crying, but when the children don’t have my reaction to come over to my mother, can feel very panic, he will be more afraid of you leave, cause more and more stick you, separation anxiety will be more and more serious.4. Keep your promise. Returning to your baby within the time you promised will build your baby’s trust.The baby doesn’t understand 3 o ‘clock or 5 o ‘clock, you can say after school, before dinner, etc.5, the development of independent character of the baby in a person seriously playing toys or is in a daze, we might as well in the side of silent company, let the baby play for a while, and stay with yourself for a while.Not only does this show your baby that “playing by yourself can be fun!”, more importantly, it can exercise the child’s ability to think independently and solve problems, and cultivate the independent character of the baby.Kindergarten words separation anxiety is an inevitable situation in the growth of children.I believe that children’s adaptability to separation anxiety is very fast, perhaps not very smooth at the beginning, but after adaptation, they will be as comfortable and happy in the new environment as at home!* Disclaimer: Most of the text and pictures of this article are from the network, by kindergarten teachers through the service platform xiaobian collation and editing, focus on the sharing of excellent education ideas, if there is infringement, please contact background message deletion.