Monitoring security to share 2 zhejiang Dahua monitoring security intelligent machine weak current debugging cases

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Share two weak current debugging cases of Zhejiang Dahua monitoring and security smart phone, it is not easy to collate the data, thank you for your likes, favorite and forward. This project is located in China Expo Center, Hanyang, Wuhan, Hubei province.A, about parking detection, parking, license plate recognition three intelligent function Text introduction about parking detection, parking, license plate recognition three function of intelligent detection, parking need not delimit the lane line, not to capture the license plate, if the vehicle in the designated area (stationary state) for a period of time, will trigger the alarm.The implementation of this function is similar to the triggering mechanism of item legacy.The setting interface is as follows: setting steps: a) add the ball machine preset point and select “General behavior analysis” in the intelligent solution; b) add the “parking detection” rule in the general behavior analysis menu and draw the rule — that is, delimit the detection area.C) Click “OK” to complete the setting.Two, illegal parking also need not delimit the lane line, but the license plate will be captured, if the vehicle stays in the designated area (stationary state) for a period of time, it will trigger the alarm.It can be understood that on the basis of parking detection, more license plate catching function.Settings interface is as follows: or advanced Settings page: hold the graph Settings page: setup steps: a) add preset point ball machine, intelligent scheme select corresponding intelligent function: illegal production or intelligence chengguan (urban management functions) b) in the event management – illegal capture menu configuration testing area, if you choose to license plate manually need calibration plate test box.C) Set the capture rule in the “Advanced Parameter”, and set the violation duration in the “Settings” menu next to the “Number of captured pictures”.– For the non-motor vehicle illegal stop of the chengguan ball machine, the alarm duration of illegal stop cannot be set, but the number threshold of illegal stop can be set.D) Click “OK” to complete the setting.Three, license plate recognition needs to delimit the detection line, lane line, identify the vehicle information in the monitoring screen, and capture the vehicle license plate.The setting interface is as follows: Setting steps: a) add the ball machine preset point, select “License Plate Recognition” in the intelligent solution b) configure detection area, lane line, detection line and license plate calibration in the event Management – License plate Recognition menu.C) Click “OK” to complete the setting.Question Description and Processing Process Q: How to set the function of human body temperature by using a thermal imaging camera with the function of human body temperature ANSWER: Dh-TPC-BF3221 is taken as an example. 1.Code stream setting: visible light 4M, thermal imaging 2M2, intelligent thermal imaging – select human body temperature measurement intelligent scheme ASK: Black body parameter setting answer: 3, black body calibration.Note: The boldface parameter setting step is ignored for the scheme without boldface.A) The default value of 35℃ will be displayed 20 minutes after the blackbody is powered on;If the display is not 35℃ after 20 minutes, hold down the “SEL” key and adjust the value through the “λ” and “ⅴ” keys;B) After fixing the position of the camera and the black body, ensure that the black body is in the upper right or left corner of the thermal imaging camera image:C) blackbody temperature 35, fill in the drawing area double-click the image magnification to full-screen (double-click the restore again after the original image size), rules of box painting box, the rules of blackbody radiation surface of the middle and small as far as possible (rules box in blackbody, the middle box is smaller, the higher measuring accuracy, refer to the below image the upper right corner of the green box), click ok to take effect.A) Focal length 7mm lens: The subject stands on the side of the black body (3 meters away from the camera), facing the camera, and the head and shoulders can be seen in the picture;The regular lower frame is drawn on the shoulder of the tested person, and the regular upper frame can be drawn to the upper edge of the image;For the detection area (note: black body cannot be included in the detection area), please refer to the following figure: b) 3.5mm focal length lens: The tested person stands beside the black body (2 meters away from the camera), and the setting method refers to the 7mm lens;The setting below shows that the head (forehead) temperature of the testee exceeds 37.3℃, and the sound and light alarm will be generated. 5. Alarm temperature correction Due to environmental differences, the testee temperature may have errors.For example, if the temperature is lower than 0.5 ° C, fill in 0.5 ° C for temperature correction; if the temperature is higher than 0.5 ° C, fill in -0.5 ° C for temperature correction. Note: If there is no bold text on the site, the “Enable” option in the following figure is not selected for temperature correction; otherwise, the temperature measurement will not be accurate.If the IP address is in bold, enable is required.