Jinan Ganghua Gas holds 2022 Spring Festival Tea Party

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Qilu Evening News · Qilu one point reporter Xiahou Fengchao “ox” year of farming happy harvest, “tiger” roar and come to another spring.On the morning of January 28, Jinan Ganghua Gas Co., LTD, which belongs to Jinan Energy Group, held the 2022 Spring Welcome tea Party. Some members of the company’s leadership, retired leaders, middle-level representatives and staff representatives gathered together with tea to respect each other and discuss development.Jiang Haiying, Party Secretary and Chairman, attended the event and delivered a speech. Feng Yuanjun, Member of the Party Committee and executive Deputy General Manager, reported the work situation in 2021 and work ideas in 2022. Wan Jichang, Deputy Party Secretary and Chairman of the labor Union hosted the event.Haiying Jiang, on behalf of the Party Committee of the company, extends holiday greetings and New Year wishes to everyone.He said that 2021 is the first year of jinan Energy Group’s official operation of “One network”, but also a key year for the high-quality development of Jinan Ganghua Gas.In the past year, the cadres and workers of Jinan Ganghua Gas company have worked hard and gained a lot of fruits.The growth of Jinan Ganghua Gas is inseparable from the retired old leaders, old workers, young business backbone and the new force just joined the company.The gratifying results obtained by Jinan Ganghua Gas also fully reflect the enterprise spirit of working hard and taking responsibility of the cadres and workers of Jinan Ganghua Gas generation after generation, inherit the valuable quality of jinan Ganghua gas people to overcome difficulties and dare to fight, and condenses the wisdom and painstaking efforts of jinan Ganghua gas workers.Feng Yuanjun said that in 2022, Under the correct leadership of the Party Committee of The Energy Group, Jinan Ganghua Gas adheres to the Party construction and leads the development of the enterprise, taking “seeking development in the reform” as the main line. With the joint efforts of the majority of cadres and workers, service innovation, safety management, engineering construction and smart gas have achieved brilliant results.The company’s goal of “second leap” was basically realized.In 2022, jinan Ganghua will, under the strong leadership of the Party Committee of the Energy Group, be a first-class enterprise, take the management mode of listed companies as the standard, improve the level of management, start a new stage of development, and continue to forge ahead towards the goal of national first-class city gas service operator.Retired senior cadres of the company over the past year’s fruitful work expressed feeling excited, the company attaches great importance to the work of senior cadres to give full recognition, said that they will continue to support the company’s reform and innovation, continue to give full play to spare heat, positive suggestions and suggestions, to contribute to the company’s high-quality development.