Insurance consumer rights tips

2022-06-23 0 By

In order to protect your legitimate rights and interests, China Life Inner Mongolia Branch hereby provides tips on insurance rights and interests: 1.Buy long-term life insurance when they have a time of “hesitation” “hesitation” period is also called a cooling-off period, refers to the insured in the insurance contract comes into force, general is to sign for ten days or fifteen days after the policy, if policy-holder feel this danger is not suitable for yourself, or you want to replace other risk can apply for cancellations in the hesitation period to insurance company, insurance company will pay insurance premium by return policy-holder.2. Guarantee slip pays cost to be able to have “grace period” long-term life insurance pays cost period 10, 20 years to differ, generally speaking, guarantee slip becomes effective day is annual pay cost date namely, but if consumer forgets to pay cost in time because of certain reason, have nothing to do with, it is to fill inside grace period only to pay insurance cost, insurance contract is still effective.This grace period refers to 60 days from the next day of guarantee slip effective day or 60 days from the next day of expiration of insurance period.3. Policy invalidation will have recovery period if long-term life insurance has not paid after the payment grace period, the insurance contract will be temporarily “suspended”.In the two years after the contract is suspended, you can apply to the insurance company for recovery and make up the premium and interest that should be paid.Classics insurance company examines and verify passes and negotiate with policy-holder and reach an agreement, fill from policy-holder the insurance premium that pays place to owe and interest, loan and interest rise the next day, insurance contract effectiveness restores.If there is no recovery within two years, the policy is “terminated.”Note: The insurance company is not liable for payment during the lapse of the policy.Consumers should try to avoid invalidation of insurance policies.4. The policy borrowing function can be emergency if the insurance purchased has the policy borrowing function, it can relieve the pressure of capital turnover difficulty in a short time to a certain extent.Normally guarantee slip can deal with loan amount is according to the certain scale of insurance contract cash value, want to see insurance contract specifically to agree.Policy-holder should return loan principal and interest inside agreed time only can, during loan, insurance liability is not affected.