In January, new house users in Hainan paid attention to the big data report

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According to fangtianxia big data shows that the unit price of the real estate, the district and county business district where the real estate is located and the housing type of the real estate are the three most concerned factors for users to choose real estate.In January, haikou, Chengmai and Wanning were the most concerned regions of hainan’s house purchase users;The most concerned buildings are Nanhai Flower Island in Danzhou, Haikou Evergrande Beauty Sand in Haikou and Country Garden Central Peninsula in Haikou.In terms of the properties of real estate, hainan users mainly pay attention to the unit price of real estate, the district/county business district where the real estate is located and the house type of real estate, accounting for 37.55%, 31.23% and 26.88% respectively.In January, haikou, Chengmai and Wanning attracted the most attention from users, accounting for 51.17%, 9.14% and 5.77% respectively.1 Haikou 51.17%2 Chengmai 9.14%3 Wanning 5.77%4 Danzhou 5.13%5 Wenchang 4.98%6 Lingao 4.67%7 Lingshui 4.40%8 Sanya 3.79%9 Qionghai 2.85%10 Dongfang 1.84%For new houses in Hainan in January, the most concerned business district is Meilan district, accounting for 11.39%, followed by Xiuying District, accounting for 10.13%, Longhua District ranked third, accounting for 7.59%.1 Meilan District 11.39%2 Xiuying District 10.13%3 Longhua District 7.59%4 Qiongshan District 5.06%5 West Coast 5.06%6 Haidian Island 5.06%7 Shenzhou Peninsula 3.80%8 Jiangdong New District 3.80%9 Yingbin Peninsula 3.80%10 Haitang District 3.80% TableEstate business circle a runner-up data source: housing the world data center building a runner-up in January hainan real estate attention highest is China sea in the south China sea island, attention 11.41%, haikou, Evergrande beautiful sand ranks second, attention 6.73%, ranked third, country garden’s central peninsula of attention accounted for 5.54%.Ranked buildings Area attention ratio 1 China Sea Flower Islands Danzhou 11.41%2 Haikou evergrande Beautiful Sand Haikou 6.73%3 Country Garden Central Peninsula Haikou 5.54%4 Yaju Leqingshuiwan Lingshui 5.08%5 Country Garden baodao Upper City Danzhou 5.01%6 Country Garden Golden Beach Lingao 3.63%7 Haikou Runshan Fu Business Office 2.77%8 BiGuiyuan Haiyi Peninsula Dongfang 2.64%9 Fuli Mangrove Bay Chengmai 2.57%10 Country Garden Xinglong Lakeside Wanning 2.24% table: Real estate attention ranking data Source:In January, for new houses in Hainan, the most concerned bedroom is one, accounting for 45.61% of the attention, followed by two, accounting for 31.58% of the attention, and the third place is the attention of more than five users, accounting for 12.28%.Figure: Housing attention ranking data source:Fangtianxia data center real estate unit price attention ranking in January hainan real estate unit price users most concerned is below 8000 yuan /㎡, attention ratio of 32.63%, followed by 8000-10000 yuan /㎡, attention ratio of 11.58%, 1000-15000 yuan /㎡ user attention ranking third,The percentage of views is 3.16%.Rank unit price range (YUAN /㎡) Attention ratio below 18000 32.63%28000-1000011.58%312000-150003.16% 410,000-120003.16% 518000-200001.05% Table: Housing unit price attention ranking data source: Fangtianxia Data Center