“Forget to admire | was” pp. 348-347 chapter: premarital medical examination

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Chapter 347: premarital physical examination Chen Qing Lanzhan took Wei Ying to the blue family of the hospital, do not need to queue, directly with Wei Ying came to the VIP clinic.Did not walk from the ordinary stairs and hall, but Wei Ying still saw every window lined up a long queue, it seems that every day there are sick people, no one can stop the pace and arrival of the disease.Over the years, Wei Ying has overcome her fear of hospitals and resistance to doctors in white coats, but every time she comes to the hospital, she still feels uncomfortable in her heart. It is a place full of pain, separation and even despair.Whether young face or old body, are desperately fighting with the disease, until the last moment, never give up.Two people take the elevator to the 11th floor of the pre-marital examination department, is a young doctor in his early thirties, looked up at the two people, showing a little surprise, but as a doctor’s professional quality let him take back the surprise in a second.But Blue Zhan or see, it doesn’t matter, anyway, he and Wei Ying is now legal husband, tube how others think how to look at it.Although same-sex sex is legal, the young doctor clearly does not know that the two people standing in front of him are a couple.”How come they all come by themselves?””?””?”Wei Ying Blue Zhan two people circle, what is called “are their own?”Are they carrying anyone else?As if sensing their confusion, the doctor added, “Which one of you will inspect and which one will accompany you?Why isn’t my wife here?”Really embarrassed a big, Wei Ying touched his nose, looking at Lanzhan, fundus smile to overflow, meaning again obvious, however, you explain yourself ~ “Blue huan did not talk to you?”Wei Ying and the doctor looked at Blue Zhan with a face of surprise.Wei Ying think is, Blue Zhan this is angry?Why did you just call out your big brother’s name?The doctor thought, calling the president by his first name?I don’t know where this kid came from.Take a look again, this grows with blue huan president also too resemble!This, he remembered, was the president’s outed brother?Finished, Xu Jiangchen’s first idea is his work to……He just came to The Hospital two months ah, with the “turtle” identity and strength, killing all the way, defeated many opponents, just sit on the hospital director seat ah!Are you going to be killed by one of your own words?Don’t ah…Oh my god…Blue Zhan and Wei Ying of course can not know xu Jiangchen brain has staged a big play, but even wearing a mask, Wei Ying also seems to see the doctor mouth seems to twitch gently?Wei Ying blinked, suspecting she was mistaken.Xu Jiangchen looked at Blue Zhan, and looked at Wei Ying, eyes back to blue Zhan body, “sorry, just words offended.”Xu Jiangchen apologized for his words just now, he has been ready to get training, after all, this is the president’s brother ah, that is not the general manager of the Blue group?”Well.”Blue Zhan high cold ground returned a voice.”Shall we, then?”Xu Jiangchen can not feel the temper of Blue Cham, but intuition told him that this person is absolutely no good talking president.”You check?”Blue Cham picked his eyebrows.”Oh, no, I’m just checking one of them.The other nurses will take you there.””Let me give you a popular science about the pre-marital examination process and some necessary knowledge?Or is there anything you need to consult?””Yeah, yeah.”Wei Ying answered first.Xu Jiangchen took a look at Blue Zhan, the latter seems to be aware of the doctor some careful appearance, but Wei Ying want to hear that let him.”Well.”Wei Ying really do not know what to check?Thought it was just a full body examination, when he heard to check other time, including some very detailed examination, he suddenly did not want to check, in addition to the people outside the Blue Zhan to see or encounter their own……Even for the doctor, it’s a little hard for him.Chapter 348: Don’t Use it There When LAN Zhan heard xu Jiangchen’s introduction, his eyelids also jumped, as if he had made a wrong decision to bring Wei Ying for examination!Xu Jiangchen seemed to have the professional attitude of a professional doctor when he introduced him.When he heard Lanzhan refused to do this examination for Wei Ying, he was shocked again.”But this is one of the things that must be checked, and one of the most important.”Xu Jiangchen is really the first time to receive husband husband to come over to check, but also his boss, god knows how much pressure he is wearing.”No.”Blue Zhan thin lips light, with no doubt of the attitude, repeat again.There is no problem with Wei Ying, but he knows better than anyone, he still don’t know!Other internal medicine can be checked, but he absolutely cannot accept and cannot allow others to see wei Ying’s baby, more impossible.Of course, he wouldn’t do it himself.Other than that, other tests are still normal.Wei Ying think Blue Zhan good handsome at the moment, if not for the occasion in the hospital, Wei Ying at the moment must jump up, give Blue Zhan a bo, Blue Zhan too wise!Not only Blue Cham can not accept, in fact, he can not accept, because he has always had a shadow.Finally, Xu Jiangchen compromise, in accordance with the requirements of The Blue Zhan a check.Before you leave, “Please fax the inspection report directly to my email.””?Is it that casual?Don’t you go through normal procedures?”Of course, This sentence, Xu Jiangchen only dare to say in his heart, the hospital is his blue home, there is what he can not do.Before finally leaving, Xu Jiangchen took a deep breath three times, as a male doctor professional all for the sake of patients and patients or let him not afraid of death to open the mouth, “wait a minute!”Blue Zhan Wei Ying two people together looked at Xu Jiangchen, Xu Jiangchen stared at blue Zhan that pressure looked at Blue Zhan, finally looked at Wei Ying, although the object is Wei Ying, but the name is obviously said to Blue Zhan.”He has the anus | cracking.”For a moment, the air was quiet and eerie.Wei Ying embarrassed red face, this matter he already knew, but didnt say and Blue Zhans, afraid of his worry, and he didnt think this is how big a thing…Blue Zhan suddenly understood the meaning of this sentence reminds Xu Jiangchen.Regret going too far lately.Xu Jiangchen saw two people do not speak, had to brave the scalp to continue to say, “so, had better not use there.It’s not a very normal passage, after all.”This words say simply euphemism extremely, Xu Jiangchen all want to give oneself stand up a thumb.Blue Zhan eyebrow eye picked pick, “have what fast medicine?”Wei Ying embarrassed to disappear in situ.”Ointment is often used afterwards.””Don’t use anything else, especially soap and shower gel. It’s not good for you over time.”Xu jiangchen really thinks he is a little genius.Wei Ying also felt how could there be such a “intimate” male doctor……Did not expect blue Zhan is a face seriously promised, “know.Is there anything else I should notice?””Less…”Xu added, “You’d better not…”Wait for him to finish, blue Zhan a knife eye hold back.’It’s for your own good!For a long time, it will do great harm to his body!”In the blue Zhan with Wei Ying closed the door of the moment, Xu Jiangchen shouted out, thought, anyway, also offended, the patient is the largest, all for the sake of others, if the work did not have it, lest his girlfriend every day too he did not have time to accompany her…However, waiting for a few days, and did not receive the phone was fired.Xu Jiangchen a heart to put back in the stomach.# bo Jun yi xiao ## Chen Qing Lin don’t say goodbye # the above has been completed 344-346 chapter in the public account see, here can not be sent out