Attention!Oil prices may continue to rise

2022-06-23 0 By

Oil prices are likely to continue rising after the third adjustment in 2022!Before the Spring Festival in 2022, oil prices rose, the continuous twice now has entered the third oil price adjustment of statistics in 2022, but due to the recent international oil prices is still near the highs, the years will still rising oil price adjustment, in particular, is expected to rise still on raising standards, everyone still ready to oil prices continue to rise.The new oil price adjustment will take place at 24:00 on February 17, but it is expected to increase oil price by 75 yuan/ton before the Spring Festival holiday. In terms of increase, it is expected to increase oil price by 0.06 yuan/liter to 0.07 yuan/liter.However, given that international oil prices have continued to rise in recent days, the increase is likely to continue.There are still 12 days left before the new oil price adjustment. Although the current increase is not certain that the oil price will rise, the data is still more favorable to the side of the increase, depending on whether the subsequent international oil price will fall.Source: New Evening News, the paper news client, the latest oil price inquiry