Turned on?Barcelona renewed Dembele for 75 million, the player refused to leave the team, free transfer next summer

2022-06-22 0 By

Dembele and Barca have not yet agreed on a new contract, although dembele and Barca have not been happy, but barca still hope to renew the player.Of course, in my opinion, the main thing barca do not want is for the player to leave on a free transfer, after all, barca would lose too much.However, Barca wants the player to renew his contract, the player himself is not compromising, recently Barca with the team reporter said that Dembele’s attitude is also very tough, he said either to renew, or he will leave next summer, anyway winter window is not going to go, and the renewal of Dembele needs 75 million euros.Barcelona journalist Santi Ovalle said: “I have to say dembele has opened his mouth a bit. Even Santi Ovalle said dembele should look at his performances in recent years.Dembele has talent and strength, but he is too glass, and over the years Barcelona can be kind to him, but the exchange is dembele’s attitude, it is estimated that Barca executives will feel cold!Look at Umtiti, who has not been playing well, but is at least willing to take a pay cut and leave on loan to help the team, something Dembele may have to learn from.From the current situation, Dembele in Barcelona certainly is to stay down, leaving the team is sooner or later, just do not know Santi Ovalle revealed, willing to give him 30 million annual salary, 30 million bonus plus 15 million commission team is which team?Any team signing Dembele would have to consider the consequences, and is his performance really worth 30 million euros a year?Maybe the fans have their own answers in mind.