Teach you to see midday dish: new energy adjusts again, pork goes against the trend strong, gem can stop falling?

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Midday market specific data: Shanghai Composite Index transaction 249.1 billion, gem turnover 130.9 billion;The number of the two cities rose or fell than 1563:2925;Rose or fell limit 46:4;The shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect saw northbound inflows of 2.268 billion yuan and southbound inflows of 643 million yuan.Leading industries: agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, tourism, transportation services, chemical fiber, up more than 2%;Leading concepts: pork and chicken rose more than 2%;Sectors leading decliners: Electrical Equipment, General Machinery, Home Appliances (gSE all refers to the Home Appliance index C), household goods, brewing, Industrial Machinery, software Services, automobiles, warehousing and Logistics, culture, Education and Leisure, Telecom operations;Plate fluctuation ratio 31:25;From market data observation, ningde times unilateral heavy fall again with collapse gem, traditional industry performance continues to shine, structured market.Specific unscramble: new energy adjusts again, pork goes against the trend strong, gem can stop falling?Overnight U.S. and European stocks are rising, so today A shares is not not strong peripheral market factors, thought yesterday after the earthquake in the market today there will be A super fell rebound, looks or underestimated the shorting of the market power, ningde era significantly led to an exodus gem unilateral adjustment, although the Shanghai composite index to rebound, but the market atmosphere is not quite right,Only the pork plate rise is more severe, the new energy plate (Tianhong China Securities New energy vehicle index C) has become a weak market ballast stone, the core problem comes, gem can stop falling rebound?Is it hopeless again?Today disk new energy sector is one of the most obvious characteristics of a substantial adjustment, the second largest market in the era of ningde is unilateral fell in early trading, once killed 500 yuan integer mark, because the leading varieties of the new energy plate, ningde era led to a large number of new energy stocks (investment bank new energy hybrid C) following an exodus, this part of the varieties originally did not stop falling, after winners again today,It’s not going to happen anytime soon.Now the most worrying thing is that ningde times continue to fall, will it fall below 500 yuan and continue to fall?If ningde times do not stop falling, because he is in the gem weight is very large, gem to talk about stop falling is more difficult.In addition to the new energy drop, yesterday’s surging liquor (China Merchants Liquor Index (LOF)A) did not go well today, because the group is more concentrated in new energy, medicine (Yifangda 300 medical and health ETF connected to C), liquor, so the decline of new energy plate will stimulate the liquor, medicine plate weak again,However, liquor and medicine (China-Europe medical and health mix C) are not stronger than new energy together, so they only belong to fall, not actively fall, it is possible to draw a line and not fall, but now there is no separation, adjustment is normal under the influence of new energy.This is probably why weak groups such as military (Boshi Military theme stock A) and chip (Noron Growth Mix) have not fallen with new energy today.The same institutions have been the group of varieties, insurance (Founder Fubang China Securities Insurance Theme Index (LOF)), tax exemption these fell two waves have halved, today’s trend is not weak, have good rise, so immediately draw a line with new energy may be an important reason to stop falling rebound.Pork stocks, rather than as A traditional industry, is not safe because of the organization, and this year’s pig cycle will reverse, the “stability” in the steady progress, although not pork (Yinhua agricultural industry stock A), but the “progress” is pork capital recognition to strengthen, I think the long-term problem is not big.On the whole, in addition to new energy, medicine and liquor, which were closely grouped last year, the rest of the varieties are basically normal shocks, but because there is no obvious general atmosphere in the market, it is difficult to appear the expected rebound.Gem is currently affected by the new energy and pharmaceutical sector continues to weaken, stop the decline signal is not obvious, can only continue to wait for the opportunity to come.The above is my understanding of this morning’s dish, for your old iron reference (investment has a risk, the market needs to be cautious), I wish good luck!Special note: 1, the above content is only a personal investment diary, does not have a guiding function.2. Opinions are for reference only. Investors need to make their own judgment on whether to follow the thinking.3, creation is not easy, if you like it, welcome to like, comment + attention, this is the biggest support for the author.