Smooth light can’t make a big film?Learn these 4 photography tips and still make a good film!

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A type of photographic light that falls directly on the subject when the source is face to face with the photographer’s back to the source. This light is called alignment.Before learning the shooting skills of the light, we will first understand the advantages and disadvantages of the light, so that we can have a general understanding of the light, without saying more, and then read on.01 The advantages and disadvantages of smooth light photography beginners most commonly used light, because in the smooth, the shadow of the object will be covered, and then by the shadow and the surface of the contrast, so that the difficulty of shooting greatly reduced.In line with the light, the color and shape of the object and other details can be very good performance, can give a person a bright, sunny feeling.In general, the advantages and disadvantages of front-light shooting are as follows: 1) Advantages: the light of front-light shooting is uniform, which can accurately restore the real appearance of things. The color of the picture can be correctly restored, with high saturation and bright color.2) Disadvantages: The scene projection of the light shooting can hardly be seen, so the picture lacks the contrast of light and shade, and also lacks the sense of three-dimensional and spatial sense. It is easy to lose the color and texture details of the scene under strong light.02 How to shoot in the light in the light of the photo lack of layering and three-dimensional sense, so the photographic picture will be slightly dull, then you can through photographic composition, arrange some prospects for the picture, to increase the sense of space and layering of the picture.When shooting in the light, you need to choose a good Angle and suitable light. For example, when sunrise or sunset, the light is soft, and the pictures taken are bright and soft, with a fresh and natural atmosphere.When using front-light shooting, it can also be combined with matrix metering for shooting, which makes it easier to get accurate exposure. At the same time, front-light is a good choice for shooting id photos or documentaries.1) Avoid the photographer’s shadow into the painting.In light shooting, the light source and the photographer are in the same direction, in the case of a short shooting distance, the photographer’s shadow is easy to mess into the picture, so when shooting must find a good Angle to avoid this.2) Choose a time when the light is soft.Front-light shooting, the light is directly projected on the front of the subject, if the subject is a person, it is easy to open the eyes because of direct light, difficult to control the expression.3) Reduce the sensitivity value.The value of sensitivity had better not exceed 200, because of the light shooting, the light condition of the object being photographed is very good, reducing the value of sensitivity is more conducive to maintaining delicate picture quality.4) Artificial three-dimensional sense.Photographers in the light shooting, can use composition, color differences, adjust aperture and other ways to strengthen the separation of the main body and background, create a sense of space and a sense of hierarchy.Light is the life of photography, it gives all things form and color that can be perceived.For photographers, they must have the concept of light before shooting, and pay attention to the relationship between the photographed object, shooting position and Angle and the composition of light.In ordinary shooting, we must have light in our heart to slowly find the feeling of light.Note: This article is originally published by photo dealers, please contact the author and indicate the source of reprint.