RX401 silent, race 400 tears, 37kW 450SR about to do whatever it wants

2022-06-22 0 By

The Spring Breeze 450SR was unveiled by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, although I have criticized its wind tunnel test publicity: “Why did the wind tunnel test of the 450SR fail to satisfy the majority of motorists?”But I have no doubt that it is not strong enough;I thought the car would be strong, but NOT this strong.The maximum power is 37KW, and the ready weight is 168kg. Behind this parameter, Chunfeng makes efforts in lightweight.The 450SR is on par with kawasaki Ninja400 in terms of engine quality even with a larger engine displacement. This is a breakthrough for the Chinese Ninja400. We have passed the 250-400 weight stage, and the Chinese Ninja400 will be better and better in the future.As for the price must be a difficult thing, past the pricing with boehner of spring breeze for reference, starting from the year before last, however, qianjiang group began to lay flat, products less competitive, can’t pose a threat to the spring breeze, so the spring breeze pricing has been need to weigh repeatedly, afraid to set up let consumers are not satisfied, because it is pricing of competitors and its own battle.So the start of the domestic 400CC imitation competition is likely to be like this: pricing: 450SR > RC401 > RC401 competition competitiveness: 450SR > RC401 > RC400450SR > RC401 = 450SR I don’t see any future in the race 400, if QJMOTOR wants to break the deadlock, it will probably need a complete redesign, because the current Race 400 is actually the Race 350 Plus, which is nothing compared to the 450SR.However, Qian Jiang may be like this – the biggest match 400 and 250 as a youth version, low volume, plain is true.The real killer card will probably go to Benali, who is expected to build on his success this year.As for the RC401, it would be better to price it after the 450SR is announced to give most of the ordinary motorcycle riders a chance to ride a 400cc high profile imitation race, and everyone will be happy.In terms of prints, the 450SR can actually move closer to the MOTO3 vehicle. After all, it is also a team sponsored by himself.