How do more than 500 residents survive in the coldest place in the world, with temperatures of -50C?

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Latitude, the location of land and sea, and topography all affect temperature, because latitudes affect the area and Angle of the sun, and regions receive different amounts of solar heat.The geographical distribution of sea routes also affects the distribution of air temperature. During the day, the ocean warms slowly and the land warms quickly, while at night, the ocean cools quickly and the land cools slowly.When asked what is the coldest place in the world, most people will say either the North or South Pole.In fact, oymyakon, located in eastern Siberia, Russia, is the coldest settlement in the world with average winter temperatures ranging from minus 50 degrees Celsius to minus 71 degrees Celsius.Oymyakon is part of Siberia. Siberia itself is located in a high latitude region near the Arctic Ocean. Although it is vast, it is sparsely populated.The weather here is too cold and covered by glaciers all year round. In winter, the sun only shines for three hours a day. Although there are abundant resources here, many areas have not been developed.With a population of 500 villagers, Oymyakon is the coldest inhabited place in the world, with an altitude of 741 meters and a total area of 420 square kilometers. It is a basin in northeast Siberia, Russia.In terms of topography, it is lower in the north and higher in the south and east, which is the main reason for the cold weather.Oymyakon is about 2 kilometers above sea level, and the higher the altitude, the lower the temperature, so oymyakon’s temperature is much lower than the same latitude, for every 100 meters of elevation, the temperature drops 0.6 degrees Celsius, oymyakon’s temperature is 12 degrees Celsius lower than the same latitude on average.Oymyakon has a very significant continental climate, with a very large temperature difference between day and night, long cold winters and short cool summers. The annual temperature difference is very large, and cold air can enter from the north and gather in the basin.The climate in Oymyakon is even colder because it is surrounded by mountains along which cold air can sink to the bottom.The temperature in Oymyakon is very high, and it is only 350 kilometers away from the Arctic Circle. Due to this unique geographical environment, the sun’s daily exposure area and duration are very short, which cannot meet People’s Daily needs.The extreme unforgiving conditions mean that the land is permafrost, making it impossible to grow crops or directly build houses.But there is one advantage. In such a cold environment, industrial development is limited and environmental pollution is not obvious.So the food, including fish and milk, is all natural and healthy, without worrying about too many toxins, and can even be eaten raw.Because the weather is so cold, oymyakon villagers opt for the warmest furs or mink coats.When they go out, they usually dress themselves as bears do, with only their eyes exposed, but even so, their eyes are often frozen, and their eyelashes sometimes get white frost.Oymyakon can’t grow vegetables and fruits because the ground temperature is too low, it’s frozen ground, so all the vegetables and fruits they need have to be transported from far away, and they don’t have to worry about preservation, because oymyakon’s temperature is lower than the refrigerator.In addition to transporting food from far away, oymyakon villagers also like to make a living by fishing and hunting, hunting in the mountains or fishing in the lakes.Because the temperature is too low, the fish they catch will quickly turn into frozen fish on the ice. They like to soak the frozen fish into slices with knives and eat them raw, because the environment there is good, so the fish has no smell.In order to keep warm, local people also like to eat high energy food, such as fat barbecue.Many villagers also have the habit of drinking strong liquor, and it is the kind of high liquor, because the high liquor is not easy to freeze, drinking it can also warm the body, their villagers like to drink strong liquor, while eating barbecue.Housing and mobility for the villagers Building houses in Oymyakon is difficult because the ground is permafrost, which collapses when it melts, and it’s very difficult to lay foundations in permafrost, and people have to think about things like keeping warm.People like to build houses in the summer, because the summer temperature is higher, the foundation will be relatively easier, and also ensure that the foundation should be higher than the ground 1 meters above, can prevent cold invasion of the house, in order to prevent frozen ground collapse, people will be under the house with many thick wood as a support.Although it is extremely cold outside, the temperature in Oymyakon’s house is around 20 degrees all year round. Each of them has adequate heating equipment in their homes, and they use coal and other materials to keep warm.In terms of transportation, oymyakon is connected to the city by a road, which is usually icy, and many people died when it was built.But the road is important. It serves as a bridge between Oymyakon and the outside world. A lot of food and some equipment are transported to Oymyakon through this road.Oymyakon rarely uses his car for travel because it is difficult to start in cold weather and risks skidding and rolling over.So many people here still keep the original way of travel, they like to travel by sleigh, which is pulled by reindeer. Although it is not as fast as cars, it is safer.Toiletries are a particular problem for oymyakon villagers, who cannot build toilets indoors because it is difficult to build sewage pipes, and even when they are built, waste tends to freeze in the pipes and clog them.So they have to endure the cold and go outside to go to the bathroom, which is very cruel for them.Conclusion Living in oymyakon, such an extremely cold place, although said that there are a lot of inconvenience, but also brought a lot of fun.For example, you can fish on a frozen lake, travel on a sleigh pulled by reindeer, and eat your own frozen fish fillets raw.Because of the cold weather, the environment is not damaged, so the local ecosystem is a healthy cycle of ecosystems.There is no need to eat food contaminated by various chemicals, and there is healthy and pure spring water to drink. Children can stay home from school when the weather is cold, which is also a special treatment that ordinary children can not enjoy.