“High-quality Construction of Hundred-billion Chemical Industrial Park” Fuquan: Resumption of work and production with “great strength” running out of construction “Acceleration”

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Start to run, start to sprint.During the Spring Festival holiday, in Niuchang Shuanglong Industrial Park, a number of enterprises have rushed to seize the early, increase the “throttle”, full power, quickly into the busy construction, rush schedule state, to ensure the steady progress of the project, run out of the construction “acceleration”.Guizhou yu to new energy battery material co., LTD., a phase of the project construction site In guizhou yu to new energy battery material co., LTD., a phase of the project construction site, the reporter understands, starting from the fifth day, every day there are more than 300 workers in the field operation, nearly excavators, cranes, trucks and other large machinery back and forth, in recent days,The site is a busy scene of construction.Zhou Zhihui, deputy chief engineer of Guizhou Yuneng New Energy Battery Material Co., LTD said:”Now we construction stage at our local rain and snow weather, we also made full preparation, we and each construction team in years ago made the construction scheme of rain and snow weather, including night construction plan, has a detailed plan, under the security measures, we are on the clock construction.”Guizhou Yuleng New Energy Battery Material Co., Ltd. invested 7 billion yuan to build an annual output of 300,000 tons of iron phosphate and 300,000 tons of lithium iron phosphate, as well as supporting yellow phosphorous acid production lines, covering an area of about 1469 mu with a total output value of 15 billion yuan.After completion, it will become the largest lithium-ion battery cathode material production base in China with advanced technology, fully automated equipment, first-class product quality and green environment.Construction of three phase of the project, among them, the first phase investment of 2.3 billion yuan RMB, the construction of annual output of 150000 tons of lithium iron phosphate production line, the project started construction in December 2021, after its construction, is currently in the workshop, office building and dormitory building construction, the main body of the end of march to complete the project construction, is expected to have the installation conditions, DeJianCheng put into production in April.Zhou Zhihui, deputy chief engineer of Guizhou Yuneng New Energy Battery Material Co., LTD said:”According to our the end of march to complete the main body, April reaches producing this big goals, to take up for combat, how about we also signed and construction team to ensure that the nodes of rewards and punishments measures, to ensure that each node according to our previously layout smoothly completed, from all of our projects will be under the support of the municipal party committee,We need to seize the day to ensure that the project is on stream by the end of April.”Similarly, the new energy material construction project of Shengtun Energy Metal-Chemical (Guizhou) Co., LTD., located in Shuanglong Industrial Park, Niuchang Town, also pressed the “fast forward button” on the sixth day of the first lunar month, with full speed to rush the construction period and schedule, and carried out the basic construction in an orderly manner, striving to complete and put into operation as soon as possible.Chen Shawen, director of Shengtun Energy Metal Chemistry (Guizhou) Co., LTD., said: “The idea of shengtun Energy Metal Chemistry (Guizhou) Co., LTD., is to work hard as fast as possible, and our attitude is to sprint at the beginning, and the beginning is the decisive battle.We started to resume work on the sixth day of the first lunar month, and on the ninth day of the first lunar month, all staff should be back to work. We just want to complete our project as soon as possible, achieve production and efficiency as soon as possible, and achieve win-win situation as soon as possible.”Shengtun Energy Metal-chemical (Guizhou) Co., Ltd. invested 6.19 billion yuan to construct a nickel, cobalt and zinc new energy material project. The project is divided into two phases. The first phase will invest 2.2 billion yuan and cover an area of 595 mu.The first phase of the project will be started in November 2021, and the site leveling construction is currently under way, with about 20,000 square meters of excavation per day. It is expected that the site leveling will be completed by the end of March and the civil engineering construction will start.Chen Shaowen, Director of Shengtun Energy Metal-Chemical (Guizhou) Co., LTD., said:”In order to ensure our normal production, we have a more detailed plan, every month we have a monthly plan, weekly have weeks plan, have a weekly meeting every week, and then a week weekly meeting and supervision division, to improve our efficiency, we maximize the effect of, should be in October this year, all of our project is gradually put into production.”Source: Fuquan Rong Media Center Author: Wang Menglin zhang Fufei