Gu Ailing and Zhu Ting, two people compare!What’s the same and what’s the difference

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Both are “ceilings” in their respective fields!One from birth to now are god’s “favorite”, a “poor family noble son, rebellious life”, both of them are god’s favored son, are our pride!Recently the Chinese sports to blow a stream of “GuAiLing boom”, Chinese player GuAiLing in Beijing Olympic freestyle skiing big platform with high difficulty jump France successfully reversed “genius girl” ‘le, Olympic champions for the first time ever, this is also China’s first won the Olympic gold medal in this event.Gu has quickly become the focus of attention among sports fans due to her “special background” and good looks.Just 48 hours after Gu’s gold medal in freestyle ski grand jump at the Winter Olympics, her Douyin account gained 7 million followers and now has more than 10 million followers, a popularity that even sports stars like Li Na, Zhu Ting, Wu Lei and Ning Zetao could not match at their peak.To be sure, Gu Ailing in quite a long period of time, her commercial value has been maintained in a relative peak.We all know that Gu Is a chinese-American. She became a Chinese citizen in 2019 when she was 16 years old and represented The Chinese team in the World Championships. She hoped to use her influence to make more Chinese teenagers fall in love with skiing, and so far, Gu has basically achieved this.Gu’s athletic record is unmatched. She has won six titles, two runners-up and a third place in 36 days over the past two months. The INTERNATIONAL Snow Federation praised her halfpipe freestyle skiing, calling her victory at the US World Cup her best performance to date.GuAiLing talent in freestyle skiing is needless to say, freestyle ski jumping and actually not GuAiLing biggest strength, get a big platform gold medal after GuAiLing has a good chance won three gold MEDALS in the Olympics, if we can finish this achievement, she will become one of the best athletes in the history of China’s winter Olympics.At present, some people even think that Gu Has become the new “no.1 sister” of Chinese sports. Although this kind of talk is overstated, at least it shows that Gu is really in the hot spot recently, and she has the hope to become the iconic figure of Chinese winter sports in the future.Gu’s situation is reminiscent of Zhu Ting, the captain of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, who became a national icon after leading her team to an Olympic gold medal in 2016.Objectively speaking, There is no comparison between Zhu Ting and Gu Ailing, one is an individual event, one is a collective ball event;One was a volleyball player, the other a skier;One is to compete in the Summer Olympics and one is to compete in the winter Olympics.In addition, Zhu and Gu grew up in completely different environments. Gu’s success is inseparable from her family conditions and personal efforts, while Zhu is an outstanding player cultivated under the juguo system, and both of them are ceiling players in their respective sports.GuAiLing and twila won the world champion and Olympic champion, GuAiLing performance reflects the power of her completely, and as a member of the collective ball games, although twila strength supergroup, but inevitably because of her role in the team project was “down”, while the collective ball games is indeed needs the joint efforts of all the players.Twila is people favorite important members of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, she have done for Chinese women’s volleyball team’s contribution is unsurpassable, at least so far, in the last two Olympic Games cycle, twila help Chinese women’s volleyball team won three golds, a silver and a bronze good record, twila as the captain of the Chinese women’s volleyball team and the core players, she stand for Chinese women’s volleyball team to get good grades is responsible,It is no exaggeration to say that without Zhu Ting, there would not be the last three world champions of The Chinese women’s volleyball team. From this point of view, Zhu Ting’s contribution to the Chinese women’s volleyball team will go down in history.In addition to helping the Chinese women’s volleyball team won the world series trophy for many times, twila recognition in international volleyball world is also high, whether international rehearsing, or other volleyball players in the world, they are high in evaluating twila, this is Chinese women’s volleyball team is not better than the others, is also most of the world volleyball players’ reach, this twila not inferior at GuAiLing.Gu’s performance has also won unanimous praise from the International Skating Federation and other counterparts around the world. Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee, even visited the spot to watch Gu’s competition.Whether from transverse or longitudinal comparison, twila and GuAiLing incomparably glorious achievements have been made in their respective fields, it is hard to say who is higher, each player’s peak is very limited, twila failed to help injured Chinese women’s volleyball team at the Tokyo Olympic Games to get good grades, the current popularity of twila has.GuAiLing though the scenery infinite, but considering the winter sports in China has not been vigorously popularize, GuAiLing high popularity can maintain how long still an open question, at present GuAiLing highly attention is because it is in the Olympic Games, everyone is very concerned about the Olympic Games, plus GuAiLing is expected to be won more MEDALS for China,Naturally, she gets more attention.However, Both Zhu and Gu are at the top of their respective sports, or even the ceiling, and whatever the future holds, their contributions to Chinese sports will be huge and irreplaceable.