Construction of the east third Ring Expressway in Harbin resumed

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Spring comes early to many people.April 1st Harbin city key urban construction project – east third ring expressway project resumed construction, the project viaduct part will strive to open to traffic at the end of the year, will be under construction with the North gate street viaduct connection, realize the third ring road closed.Thus, the traffic flow across the north of the River will be effectively relieved, and the traffic environment at the intersection of Chemical Road and Gongbin Road, Changjiang Road and Xianfeng Road will be greatly improved.On the same day, the supervision group of the Municipal Housing And Urban-rural Development Bureau went to the construction site to solve the problems in land acquisition and construction organization and ensure the completion of the project on schedule.The third ring Road is an important part of the “ring + radial” road network structure of Harbin, which is responsible for the transformation of the urban ring road and radiation traffic function and the function of relieving the traffic pressure inside the city.With the rapid development of Harbin third Ring Road, the intersection of Chemical Road, Gongbin Road, Changjiang Road and Xianfeng Road serves as an important regional outlet, carrying most of the daily traffic flow of the area.The current situation is that the intersection is congested, which seriously affects the daily travel of surrounding residents and the long-distance transportation function of the third ring road.In response, the municipal party Committee and the municipal government quickly launched the East Third Ring Expressway project last October, with the Urban Housing Bureau leading the project construction.East Third Ring Road project is located in Xiangfang district and Daowai District. It starts from ha ‘a Overpass in the south and reaches about 300 meters south of Ha ‘dong Road in the north, connecting with the proposed Beimen Street viadway. The project is 12.2 kilometers long.Among them, the length of the new viaduct bridge is 11116.7 meters, the standard section of the bridge is 25.6 meters wide, two-way six lanes, 7 pairs of turns along the viaduct bridge.On both sides of the ground road for two-way eight lanes;4 meters wide sidewalks will be built on both sides.The construction of the project also includes road engineering, drainage engineering, lighting engineering, greening engineering and traffic, decoration and other ancillary projects.After the project is put into use, it will be an important part of the third ring Road to further optimize the overall operation of the third ring Road and accelerate regional economic development.The construction of the East Third Ring Road will further play the river crossing function of the binbei highway and railway bridge, relieve the traffic pressure of the other river crossing channels, and form a big channel of Hulan, Daowai, Xiangfang and Acheng in the eastern region, which echoes the west third Ring Road as a channel of Hulan, Qunli and Bungalow.”What are the difficulties in expropriation?””Is pipeline migration smooth?”On April 1, the supervision group of the URBAN Housing And Urban-rural Development Bureau visited the construction site to learn about the construction progress, difficulties and epidemic prevention measures.The supervision group proposed that the construction units should combine Harbin to build “seven cities” goal, effectively improve the level of urban construction, enhance the happiness of the people of the ice City;We should always put quality and safety in the first place, arrange the construction period scientifically and organize the construction in a cross way to ensure that the construction is completed in a good and fast manner.All relevant departments of the URBAN Housing Authority should take the initiative to implement the “Year of Capacity and Style Building” and work together to promote the early completion of the project.Source:Daoli District dafa Community strive to weave a tight security network to do a good job in home quarantine care services heilongjiang Province, 39 kinds of basic infusion plans to reduce pricesThe activity track of 9 new local novel Coronavirus positive cases in Harbin