Chengdu property market second half, C in Longhu

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All the time, soil is regarded as the property market “barometer”.After a year of practice, the concentration of soil patting has gradually changed from “crossing the river by feeling the stones” to a more rational state.From the first round of this year’s local auction drama, state-owned enterprises and central enterprises still carry the banner, but the new pattern of local auction has slowly formed, and revealed an important signal: although state-owned enterprises and central enterprises have a strong momentum, but some private enterprises have been the first to take the land, such as Longhu in Chengdu performance is particularly representative.From March 31 to April 2, Chengdu Central City completed the first batch of centralized land supply in 2022.It is worth mentioning that 36 of the 44 land deals were won by central and state-owned enterprises, while Longhu was the only private company to win both.Under the industry changes, longhu brewing in Chengdu what kind of drama?Now, the underlying logic of the real estate industry has changed dramatically.Under the new era and new proposition, real estate enterprises need to change their adaptability and respond quickly in the rapidly changing market if they want to develop.Now, the high quality private enterprises represented by Longhu began to actively embrace change, and made decisive moves in the soil market and gained a lot.This also sends a positive signal, means the housing enterprise to the market expectation is better, to some extent boosted market confidence.In this centralized land supply, Longhu successfully picked two lands, Shiling Shuwang Avenue and Yixin Lake Huafu Avenue, with an area of about 150 mu and a total land transfer fee of about 1.95 billion yuan.As early as 2021, Longhu laid out “Shuangtian Street” in Longquanyi. The launch of Longhu · Huancheng and Longhu Lightyear in succession has set off a wave of gold mining and improvement in the market.It should be noted that the dongan Lake plot of 186 mu in Longquanyi District is a commercial and residential land with strict industrial requirements, including no less than 1.5 billion total investment amount, total tax payment limit, strict requirements of “commercial development before residential construction”, and no less than 50% self-owned commerce.However, Longhu still won the land without hesitation and added Longquanchi District again, showing its determination and confidence in the deep cultivation of the region, as well as the strong support of its differentiated competitive advantage of “residential + commercial” dual-wheel drive model.The 39 mu plot of Yixin Lake in Shuangliu District won by Longhu in cooperation with Jiangsu Tanghe is the first time for Longhu to enter yixin Lake. The price difference between floor and land reaches 10,000 yuan /㎡, leaving More space for Longhu to create better quality products.It is worth mentioning that Longhu has been taking land in Chengdu very “stable”.In 2021, Longhu acquired 10 cases of land in Chengdu, ranking first in the number and area of land acquired by private enterprises, and many cases of land layout in the Tianfu New Area of Lushan, Dongan Lake, Jinniu Guobin and other hot plates.Facing the new normal of the real estate market, Longhu is still moving forward steadily and full of confidence in the future.Behind the aggressive take land, but also from longhu long-term stable growth of confidence.As a “runner” in steady progress, Longfor has always been adhering to strategic orientation, long-term principles, and simple business logic and bottom-line thinking, realizing steady operation and development.As one of the few real estate companies in the 2021 annual report to deliver the annual performance as scheduled, Longfor’s data is very bright: turnover 223.38 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 21.0%;Excluding the effects of changes in fair value, shareholders should account for 22.44 billion yuan of core profit, up 20.1% year on year;The average borrowing cost is 4.14%, and the average loan life is 6.38 years.Cash short debt ratio of 6.11 times, a series of indicators to maintain a higher level in the industry.In the face of increasingly fierce competition, Longhu always sticks to its original intention, adheres to the sound financial management strategy, maintains the advantages of low-cost and multi-channel financing, maintains a reasonable and safe debt level, adheres to the long-term principle, and becomes the “runner” of time.With 18 years of steady “running” in Chengdu, Longhu’s confidence in Chengdu is gradually revealed thanks to its profound brand skills and high understanding of chengdu’s urban background.According to Longhu’s land reserve in Chengdu, next new projects such as Huafu Avenue project, Jinniu Avenue project, Shenyang Road project, Guobin 80-mus plot, 84-mus plot of East Dudu Street, 111-mus plot of Shuwang Avenue in Shiling, and 39.3-mus plot of Yixin Lake will be introduced to the market one after another.On the basis of maintaining the steady pace of real estate channel and steadily increasing land storage, Longhu has also found the second growth curve: multi-dimensional drive of six main channel businesses, including real estate development, commercial investment, rental housing, space service, housing rental and sale, and housing decoration, and actively tested innovative fields such as medical care and industrial city.Importantly, the dragon lake channel of a number of pre-emptive start, are bright performance.For example, Longfor follows closely the policy call of “both leasing and sales”, and its Longfor Crown House ranks the first camp of centralized rental housing in Chengdu with a market share of about 33%.In the past two years, Focusing on the development and operation strategy of “TOD+ Multi-channel coordination”, Longhu has formed a grid commercial layout of 12 sky streets and 1 Star Yue Hui in Chengdu, which has promoted the pace of urban renewal and regional development and firmly occupied the core position of chengdu’s business.In the second half of chengdu real estate market, C has been working in Longhu for 18 years. Longhu has a deep understanding of the city and can always predict the market trend and demand in advance to create products that trigger market trends and make customers satisfied.Even in the second half of the return to rational property market, Longhu is still the focus of the property market, is still the trustworthy Longhu.Following the end of 2021, Longhu with “TOD+ Sky Street” screen after the Real estate market in Chengdu, this February, Chengdu Longhu with light year, Jiuli Xishanghua, yuanyunyue three major projects for Chengdu buyers to open the New Year home buyers pointed out the direction;On March 26, Longhu · Jiuli Xi grand opening, captured the hearts of 500 owners, sales of more than 1.5 billion, handed over a beautiful report card.Longhu has been conquering the market with its product power, and also staged a two-way rush to Chengdu.Longhu · Huancheng is a big city integrating commerce, residence, office and fashion, conquering the picky eyes of Chengdu people.Longhu Light year with “Street +TOD” “Wang Fried” combination, with high cash force caused property market attention;Longhu · Shunshan Mansion pays tribute to the real urban mountain dwelling with irreplaceable mountain resources;Longhu yihe is a high-end villa project, which interprets the high-end spiritual field of human living space with real landscape gardens and strong product strength.In 18 years, Longhu House has been labeled as a good brand, good location, good supporting facilities, good planning and a series of labels.With a number of new projects coming out in succession, in 2022, the human settlement upgrading of Longhu will continue to make efforts.It is worth mentioning that service is also the core competitiveness of Longhu.Longhu space service is famous for details, creating a “Longhu style happiness” reputation and brand effect, so that the brand of Longhu real estate has a strong support.By the end of 2021, the actual management area of Longhu Zhichuang Life property management sector is 264 million square meters, and the satisfaction of owners has exceeded 90% for 13 consecutive years.In chengdu, under the sweet guardian of “good house plan” (” good house plan “is to be owner longhu free exclusive value-added services, including” community frozen age “and” focus on this “two big special action), more and more like qingcheng mountain lake, crystal blue peninsula, longhu, yard such old district implements” counter current growth “.The active service and caring all the time make Longhu house become the label of living at ease, which is the key to increase the value of Longhu House in the market.Conclusion: In the uncertain factors surrounding the industry environment, “rainy night drive a long way” longhu appears more valuable.As a representative of a typical private enterprise, Longhu took the lead in acquiring land and advancing with the city, which not only gave the market, industry and even the city confidence that gold is more precious than gold.As a vane, Longhu is bound to attract more “Longhu style” private enterprises to follow. As private enterprises gradually win back the right to speak, product competition in the real estate market will become more benign and healthy.”Perfect Longhu, advance together with the City”, just like the brand proposition of Longhu in 2022, standing on the “shoulder” of 18 years of accumulation, Longhu will continue to cultivate Chengdu with a new attitude, continue to write a new chapter of development with the same frequency with Chengdu, and will inject new vitality into the city and help more beautiful things happen.Property market second half, you can always believe longhu.