As Duterte prepares to step down, he advised the next president to maintain good relations with China

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Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who will leave office in June, has advised his successor to keep his country’s commitment to China, reported.Don’t send troops to disputed waters in south China Sea.He warned that if the Philippines makes a wrong choice, it will be in a passive situation.Since becoming president of the Philippines on June 30, 2016, Duterte has changed the unfriendly foreign policy of his predecessor Benigno Aquino III, who was loyal to the pro-US stance.The south China Sea dispute, which was instigated by the U.S. by the former president, was reversed in time.After Duterte took office, he sent out positive signals and took strong actions to bring china-Philippines relations back to normal. With China’s help, the Philippines has achieved sound development in economy, anti-terrorism and other aspects.Since taking office, Duterte has worked to improve relations between China and the Philippines.In 2018, China and the Philippines signed investment worth 12.2 billion Philippine pesos (about 1.66 billion yuan), mainly for national infrastructure construction and communications.The US has been attaching great importance to the Asia-Pacific region and is trying to use the South China Sea to provoke maritime disputes between Southeast Asian countries and China.Since taking office, Mr Duterte has been trying to avoid unnecessary conflict with China in the South China Sea.As for the South China Sea, Duterte agreed with China’s policy of “shelving disputes and pursuing joint development”, and the Philippines stopped participating in the US ruse of forming an “alliance involving China” with Southeast Asia.Duterte also warned his successors not to push China’s bottom line by sending troops to disputed areas in the South China Sea.At the present stage, China-Philippines relations are running well. Duterte hopes his successor will maintain a friendly policy toward China.So, what is the election situation in the Philippines?The mayor of Manila, Alberto Moreno, who is running in the Philippine presidential election, said he would learn from Zelensky’s courage to campaign for the election and win more supporters.It was from zelensky’s background that he entered politics as a film star and actor.It was Zelensky’s stubbornness that ruined Ukraine’s reputation and shattered it.Robredo, the current vice president, is a candidate of a different party from Duterte and has disagreed with him on many issues. She has publicly criticized his war on drugs.But the top scorer in the Philippine election was the China-friendly Marcos Junior, who won half of the vote, followed by the pro-AMERICAN Robredo with 15% and Moreno with just 11%.The United States attempted to interfere in the Philippine election and stir up public opinion in the Philippines, claiming that Marcos Jr is backed by China, stirring up the sentiment of those who are not friendly to China in the Philippines and trying to boost the support rate of those who are pro-American.The Chinese Foreign Ministry promptly clarified that China never interferes in the internal affairs of other countries, and the US trick did not succeed.Due to the impact of the domestic election and the global epidemic, Duterte advised his successors to maintain the sound momentum of development in the Philippines on the premise of continuing the friendly policy toward China.Do not be coerced by pro-US forces to take actions detrimental to China-Philippines relations.Avoid being involved in the SO-CALLED freedom of navigation doctrine of the US in the South China Sea, and do not send troops to the South China Sea under the pressure of pro-US forces and cause conflicts between the Chinese and Philippine militaries.For the Philippines, this will not only affect the sound development of China-Philippines relations, but also lose the current good situation at home. With the continuous spread of COVID-19, the global economy has been hit hard. How to maintain relations with China is a top priority for its successors.