Yicheng experience: get through the last mile of individual industrial and commercial registration cancellation

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On April 5, Xinhua News Agency shandong channel published a news article on “Zaozhuang City Yicheng: The last km to cancel registration of private industry and merchants”, introducing a new act to upgrade service efficiency and improve service efficiency.Xinhua News Agency client Jinan April 5Shandong Zaozhuang city Tanshan Street convenient service center staff members said that the self-employed to cancel the registration, in order to submit the tax department clearance certificate, many businessmen thought that they had to go to the district citizen center for a half a day, both delay time and inconvenient.Yicheng Marketing Supervision Bureau (SDA), in line with the principle of benefiting the people and providing efficient service, discussed how to make the cancellation of registration of self-employed households more convenient within the legal scope, and to make the satisfaction and acquisition of the public more realistic.Under the joint efforts of various departments, on the spot to determine a set of work plan and individual industrial and commercial business cancellation “simple do” new mode, so that the masses only run 1 times to be able to do, effectively solve the problem of the masses running back and forth.– Let the data run.Those who have tax registration information can go to the special service window of the tax department to do it at any time.Where no tax registration information is displayed in the business system or the business license has expired, the cancellation of registration shall be handled on the spot.The town and street convenience center collects the cancellation data of the day, which is compared and confirmed by the district Market Supervision Bureau and the tax department. The Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau is centrally managed. Through mutual coordination and cooperation, the data of the department will run instead of the masses, and the government service will benefit the people.– Let the masses run fewer errands.In order to reduce the cancellation process and improve the approval efficiency, the convenience center sends more agents to provide on-site guidance, providing one-to-one services from registration and login, submission of applications, signature confirmation and other links;Accepting and approving personnel a line operation, the cancellation process will be compressed to three minutes, in order to ensure that the “once done” on the basis of the realization of “quickly done”, so that the people’s worry into a comfortable.– Making measures more effective.Exit a mechanism to further activate the market main body, to find the business license has expired without management traces and couldn’t be reached or individual and industrial and commercial door, have died by earthly community village (house), issued by local police station and other relevant certificates, according to law for the cancellation of clear market main body sleeping the denominator, shortening the period of market main body exit, enhance the market main body activity.As of March 22, yicheng had processed 310 households in the whole district to cancel the “simple operation” business, and the data comparison between departments was 310. The success rate was 100%, and the satisfaction of the public was close to 100%.Source: Xinhua News Agency Editor: Zhang Dong, Wang Shan Review: Sun Xi, Sun Zhonglin, Ma Jiancheng