Make two deals in a row!The Celtics get a boost, and the Nets’ big three are out of the playoffs

2022-06-21 0 By

With the trade market officially closed, the rebuilt Spurs also made two consecutive trades, it is indeed a little unexpected.They sent Thaddeus Young, Eubanks and a 2022 second-round pick to the Raptors for Dragic and a protected 2022 first-round pick. Then they traded Derek White to the Celtics for Josh Richardson, Romeo Langford and a protected 2022 first-round pick and 2028 first-round pick in a swap.It’s a safe bet to trade young, who has already been acquired by DNP, and eubanks, who has limited growth, for Dragic and a protected first-round pick. Dragic should be bought out, but the point is that that first-round pick is a very important asset to the rebuilding Spurs.The white trade, though, will make spurs fans a little sad.White, who has played alongside manu Ginobili and Tony Parker, is a spurs product, and he’s joined Murray and Keldon Johnson at the 29th overall pick in becoming the spurs’ core over the years.So for White to leave first, it would be very frustrating indeed.But aside from the emotional aspect, the Spurs’ front office should have a pretty clear idea of where they’re headed, given that white and Murray’s backcourt ceiling is probably in place, and Murray’s improvement this season has given the Spurs an idea of who to focus on.So taking the plunge and trading white for a first-round pick while he’s still valuable would not only increase future assets, but also ease the team’s cap space down the road.The Spurs will have three first-round picks available in this year’s draft.True to abandon the cultivation of their own players, emotional does have some difficult to accept, but management direction is absolutely correct, will the spurs’ draft, the first sign is very valuable, can customize can trade up, built around Murray, Johnson to should be the spurs to the layout of the best ways to return to the glory.I also wish White good luck in Boston, after all, as a former spurs assistant, udoka can be said to be familiar with White.Imperceptible also white is 27 years old, if you want to follow the spurs reconstruction, then surely he is to continue to waste his golden career here, but the green unlined upper garment of trade him to the lack of solid defender, maybe he can be in a new stage, the chance for career playoffs for the third time, after all, in addition to outside is not steady, white offensive and defensive capabilities have no black,Typical spurs production security, with Theis back, the green jersey in the second half of the season to watch.In the latest standings, the Green Team is 31-25 in seventh place in the Eastern Conference, the Nets’ main opponent for that position.The greens have been on a roll, winning six games in a row.The Nets were in a slump, suffering a 10-game losing streak.At present, the Nets are behind the Green army by 1.5 games, and the green army has gained a heavy boost in the trade market. It will be very difficult for the Nets to overtake the green Army.In interviews, Durant, Irving, Griffin and other players said the team’s goal is still a championship.Despite the loss of Harden, but the Nets get Simmons is still a big three team, and Mills, Seth Curry, Adriad, Joe Harris and other players are also very capable.Line-up neat basket net, really let a person can not be underestimated.However, Durant will continue to be sidelined for a while, Irving can only play on the road, the Nets now do not say a championship, playoff ticket is a serious question.The nets are strong with a full roster, but if they don’t finish out of the top six in the Eastern Conference, they’ll need to make the playoffs.Unlike a playoff series, which has seven games to play, the play-off is a one-game decision.Even if the net strength again strong, in a decisive game, also dare not say 100% can pass?Nets big three out of the playoffs, not alarmist.