District CPPCC leadership to carry out members of the enterprise visit activities

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District people’s political consultative conference focusing on “capital” five year plan of action, in building a strong “Ming high quality development community” in the process of the new development ideology, one thousand ways to strengthen the communication with Chinese people’s political consultative conference committee, made the district committee of the party members to contact district all the democratic parties and federations, contact area, chairman of the CPPCC members meeting visiting committee and standing committee members, contact visit contact visit constituency mass,The leading group members of the DISTRICT CPPCC contacted and visited members and enterprises and a series of contact and visit members system, approached members, listened to their hearts, built consensus, and made precise suggestions and suggestions for the high-quality economic and social development of the district.Recently, according to the arrangement of the work plan of contacting and visiting member enterprises of the Leading group of the District CPPCC, the members of the leading group of the district CPPCC respectively led the special committees of the district CPPCC and the heads of directly related departments of the district to carry out visits to more than 60 member enterprises of the district.The purpose is to understand the development status of enterprises and major problems and difficulties urgently needed to be solved in the development of various industries by visiting CPPCC members of the jurisdiction, collect and sort out the specific opinions and suggestions of the committee members on the government support policies and services, help the committee members to seek development, solve problems, and gather the high-quality development force of “strong Nanming”.Members of the CPPCC are the main body of the CPPCC’s work, and their ability to perform their duties is directly related to the effectiveness of the CPPCC’s work. Constantly improving the overall quality of the CPPCC members is necessary not only to improve their ability to participate in and discuss state affairs, but also to give full play to the CPPCC’s functions and functions.Visit, the district committee of the Chinese leadership team member to member, member enterprises promotional strategies and policies of the party and the country in the new era, the united front theory, party committee government and the Chinese people’s political consultative conference (CPPCC) important important work conference spirit, dynamic and members perform their duties according to the necessary knowledge, help promote theoretical accomplishment of members and member of the political consciousness, overall situation consciousness, responsibility consciousness.Recently, Chen Benyun, chairman of the District CPPCC, had a discussion with Meng Qiqiang and Xu Jin respectively in Guizhou Southern Petroleum (Group) Co., LTD., guizhou Tobacco Company Guiyang Company Nanming Branch, and had a detailed understanding of the development of enterprises, existing difficulties and other situations, and conducted dispatching analysis of the problems reflected by enterprises on the spot.That The Southern Oil Company has launched many new measures in the aspects of good production and management, increasing industrial output value and invigorating the market;Ming tobacco branch innovation and development mode, and actively open up rural electric terminals, boost rural revitalization and success, Chen Benyun for two enterprises and hope members to seize the new nation 2 files and central no. 1 opportunity, improving innovation ability, positive, strive to reveal enterprise member.”Today, the CPPCC visited our company, which made me feel the warmth of the CPPCC organization!I am very confident in our project, and will actively respond to the integration of nanming’s ‘cultural tourism business’, constantly innovate working methods, and strive to make the Aquarium project into a beautiful name card of cultural tourism projects.”Zhan Shuzhou, a member of longchuan Polar Ocean World in Guizhou, said.”The business environment of Nanming is very good. As an enterprise, we are very satisfied with it. Next, we will continue to run the enterprise steadily.As CPPCC members, we will also be duty-bound to rush to the front when there is a need.””Huang Zijian, a member of Guiyang Juya Advertising Co., said to the visiting leaders of the district CPPCC.Visit, commissioners firm confidence and enough energy district committee of the Chinese team members very touched, encourage members to grasp the new era, new mission, strengthen the ideological and political lead and grasp the rich connotation of building consensus, seize opportunities, improve ability, in the process of Ming high quality development to show enterprise members as, struggling to reveal enterprise bear.Recently, Zhang Yi, member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee, Head of the United Front Work Department of the District Committee and deputy Secretary of the Party Group of the District CPPCC, visited novotel Hotel Guiyang, Guizhou Long Ocean Palace Catering Co., LTD., Guiyang Liu Laosi Trading Co., LTD., and other member enterprises.Details about the outbreak the effects on the enterprise, industry development environment, and in the daily operation and management difficulties and problems that exist in the heart with love for the enterprise development, suggest that enterprise for epidemic prevention and control at the same time, further development of faith, and take the initiative to seize the new nation no. 2 file on promoting the development and prosperity of culture industry and tourism industry in guizhou opportunities,Constantly optimize the business philosophy, and strive to achieve innovative development.In guiyang pury eye hospital, and the CPPCC, vice President of Liu Qing Jiang Zhongyang intimate conversation, understand the enterprise medical treatment service ability, talent introduction, myopia prevention and control work, and the existing problems in the development of enterprise and difficulties, and suggest enterprises optimize the allocation of resources, enhance the medical service level, strengthen cultural construction and democratic construction, to better benefit the livelihood of the people.”How is the company doing? Are there any difficulties?”Fu Shuren, vice Chairman, visited Guizhou Xinjie Yating Hotel Management Co., LTD., Guizhou Yuhuan Investment Co., LTD., and had a discussion with Ji Jun and Yang Xiaokang, members of the CPPCC committee, to offer suggestions and solve problems for the development of the enterprise.Fu Shuren pointed out that private entrepreneurs are an important force to promote economic and social development. Enterprises should actively adapt to the change of the market environment, achieve precise positioning, focus on the industry, concentrate on the main business, become stronger and better, and constantly promote transformation and upgrading. Only with credibility can they win a better business environment.Also asked the enterprise to care about, solve the work and life of the enterprise employees, with sincerity, true feelings, true attention to stay.Visit process, the district people’s political consultative conference every enterprise leadership team members, all details about the enterprise’s basic situation, the management situation and difficulties, concerns about work and life, encourage members always maintain the momentum of clerkstarts, positioning for enterprise development, broaden the development ideas, strengthen the market competitiveness, leading enterprises to walk road of the development of high quality.In view of the financing needs, project approval, land supply and other problems prevalent in the production and operation of enterprises, the members of the leading group of the DISTRICT CPPCC discussed with its members how to realize the rapid integration of capital and projects, the development of new models and new forms of business, and the guarantee of professional talents.Put forward to strengthen the enterprise standard management, establish a diversified investment and financing mechanism, enhance the quality consciousness, increase investment in science and technology, and related industrial chain and so on, and charged with departments to further enhance the level of service and timely understand demands, enterprises strive to resolve difficulties and problems encountered in the process of enterprise development, for the enterprise to create a good environment for development, help enterprise better and faster development.”At the 11th meeting of the District CPPCC at the beginning of the year, I put forward the proposal on promoting the development of human resource management in small and micro enterprises. When will it be completed?”During the visit, Vice Chairman Si Yan answered questions about the proposal work for Lei Shiqiang, CPPCC member of Guiyang Qiangyi Labor Service Co., LTD.In Guizhou Huake Mingde Fund Management Co., LTD., Si Yan carefully recorded li Ning committee members put forward “to increase the stability of business strength, investment, stability of business is more important” and other suggestions.On how to boost the development of science and technology innovation smes in our district, Yuan Qingyun, a member of Guiyang Dongsheng Patent and Trademark Affairs Co., LTD., suggested “promoting enterprises to participate in intellectual property protection, improve the voice of enterprises in the industry”;Chen Yinglin, a member of Guizhou Baishijia Technology Group Co., LTD., suggested that “we should further strengthen the cultivation and introduction of ‘economic’ cadres to better provide targeted services for enterprises and help enterprises develop”.Yang Yongchuan, vice chairman of the CPC Central Committee, said that the opinions and suggestions of the committee members would be sorted out and submitted to the Party Committee and the government through the “through train” of social conditions and public opinion to provide reference for the Party committee and the government.In Guizhou New Black Horse Media Co., LTD., Vice Chairman Wang Peng listened carefully to the members’ introduction of the company’s development history, prospects, current situation and brand characteristics. MAO Jing, a member of the committee, suggested “to build a multi-party communication platform between the government and enterprises, and between enterprises, so that enterprises can enjoy the policy of benefiting enterprises while better expanding the business of the company”.”It is suggested to further strengthen the training of the new CPPCC members’ ability to perform their duties, improve the social situation and public opinion information feedback mechanism, so that our members can better understand the handling situation,” said Wang Beiyuyao, a member of Guizhou Jinbitai Investment Consulting Co., LTD.In guizhou, the good source of real estate development co., LTD., Yuan Fang, details about the construction of the real estate sales, vice President of Cao Jianliang council recommended “foreign talent introduction involved in corporate policy support and help, Yuan Fang hope member enterprises based on its own characteristics, in the bigger and stronger at the same time, pay attention to the accuracy, for the investment promotion and capital introduction, facilitate ZhaoCaiYinZhi actively,Give full play to the demonstration and leading role, become the “investment specialist” for the high-quality economic development of Nanming, and strive to become the propaganda ambassador for the high-quality business environment of Nanming.During the visit, members said they would actively fulfill their duties and do their best for the high-quality development of Nanming.Lin Guozhen, CPPCC member of Guitou (Guizhou) Technology Co., LTD., hopes to provide quality public health services for the poor people in his area.Jiang Hua, a member of Guizhou Xinhuarui Electronic Engineering Co., LTD., hopes to attract retired soldiers and disabled people to work in his company to solve their employment problems.Xu Niansong, a member of Guizhou Zhongcheng Lianchuang Engineering Consulting Co., LTD., said that he would give full play to the advantages and roles of CPPCC members, actively publicize the development strategy, resource advantages and investment environment of Nanming to the cooperative enterprises, and make connections for attracting investment.Every place, the district CPPCC leadership members should encourage members to effectively play the role and strength of the CPPCC members, around the promotion of the development of private enterprises in the district, in-depth investigation and research, earnestly find the outstanding problems that restrict and affect the development of private enterprises, for “strong provincial capital” “strong Nanming” to build advice, offer good policies.The committee members said that they were deeply moved and encouraged by the kind care and kindness of the CPPCC organization, and would bear in mind the mission, bravely shoulder the heavy burden, rise to the difficulties and continue to contribute to the economic and social construction of Nanming.It is the right time to beat the drum and set sail. This visit is another call and implementation of the spirit of the tenth Party Congress of the CPPCC in the whole district, and also a re-deployment and further deepening of the innovative performance of the CPPCC in the district.In the next step, the DISTRICT CPPCC will give full play to the unique advantages of the CPPCC, take the initiative, continue to carry out visits and surveys, listen to the voice of enterprises, expand paths, smooth connections, and make suggestions and suggestions for the development of enterprises;, public opinion information from the proposal, extract the forward-looking research, global major issues in the topic selection, organization of CPPCC, relevant functional departments to carry out the project consultation, help enterprise to solve practical problems, to promote the policy implementation, landing in a whole new endeavour posture as nanming economic and social development to make new contribution to the Chinese people’s political consultative conference (CPPCC).(Chen cen)