100,000 yuan sedan can also have a high quality fourth generation emgrand

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As the star product of Geely brand, Emgrand can be said to be the first car of many Chinese people.Since its launch in 2009, Emgrand has gone through four generations of models, and has formed an Emgrand family with derivative models emgrand S and EMgrand L. The mian product layout enriches the car buying demands of a new generation of consumers.In August this year, the 4th generation Emgrand was officially launched, which is also a car model born based on THE BMA architecture of the First KUAN. One of the obvious changes of the new car is the design close to Geely Xingrui, adopting geely 4.0 family design language, in which the shield-shaped middle net and sport-style front bar slope have a bit of Volvo attitude.The internal structure of all LED headlights is similar to that of Xingrui. The horizontal strip daytime running lights with lens headlights reflect the exquisite details.However, this is the exclusive configuration of the two high-matching models, and the low-matching two models are equipped with halogen light sources.The modelling of body side is concise and able, a few sharp waist line ornament depicts a kind of sharp feeling, have very strong “refreshing” effect.The body length, width and height are 4638/1820/1460mm, and the wheelbase is 2650mm, which belongs to the standard a-class car size.The rear design is also simple and capable, it is very handsome;The slightly upturned surrounding shape also adds a little sporty feeling to a certain extent.Different from mainstream models at the same price, the 4th generation Emgrand is equipped with a penetrating taillight and integrates the letters of the “GEELY” brand into it, which directly enhances its recognition.Into the car, the taste of “small Star Rui” is quite strong, whether it is the horizontal console, blue color central control package, suspension type central control screen, or the layout and arrangement of physical keys are exactly the same as the Star Rui, whether it looks, or feel, are showing the grade sense.In addition, Geely brand models never let us down in terms of materials — soft materials are used on the top of the central control, leather is wrapped under the air conditioner outlet, and leather materials are used on the steering wheel, which makes it feel skin-friendly and solid.These are great values for a model with a top guide price of less than 90,000 yuan.In terms of technological configuration, the fourth generation emgrand is equipped with a standard 12.3-inch LCD instrument and adopts a digital display mode, which is superior to xiu in its readability.However, the central part of the full LCD screen can only be monochrome display, and the function can only display tire pressure.The 10.25-inch center hover screen is built into the GKUI system, which we are familiar with. It has a series of smart functions including online navigation, entertainment and voice assistant, and its ease of use has reached the mainstream level of smart cars.The shortcoming lies in the slow response of navigation application, and there is still a lot of room for improvement in the later stage.Most of the consumers who choose the 4th generation Emgrand are “yi” car users or family users, and the common driving skills are still far from “old drivers”.For this reason, the 4th generation Emgrand is equipped with 540° panoramic image function, which can display real-time pictures including the sides of the body and the bottom of the vehicle. The picture splicing and clarity are of high standard, which is quite practical for daily urban driving.In terms of storage space, the 4th generation Emgrand seems to learn the essence of Honda, “steal” a lot of storage space in the existing interior design, the passenger side is also designed to hook, really take care of the actual needs of buying vegetables, the details really pay attention to.In terms of seats, the fourth generation of emgrand performance in the rules, the seat soft and hard moderate, comfortable.However, as an entry level family car, the front and rear seats of the 4th generation Emgrand are treated with double color, and the shoulder has turned fur material, high JI sense to create quite in place.In terms of power, the fourth generation emgrand is equipped with a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, with maximum horsepower of 114Ps and peak torque of 147N·m. It matches the CVT transmission and is typical of the configuration of shopping cart.As an entry-level car that focuses on family use, the dynamic performance of the 4th generation Emgrand as a whole is a good interpretation of the words easy to drive — sufficient low twist, fast dynamic response, comfortable chassis.At the same time, thanks to the CVT gearbox, the driving texture of the 4th generation Emgrand is also based on smoothness. Its coordination with the engine is enough to avoid the rush feeling in the stop-and-go urban areas, and it can respond quickly when the speed is needed, which is very suitable for urban driving or novice driving.Of course, the engine form is still naturally aspirated after all, the fourth generation of emgrand’s shortcomings are reflected in the medium and high speed reacceleration ability is weak, at the same time, the engine noise will be slightly larger.Empowered by THE BMA architecture, the 4th generation Emgrand, like other new-generation Geely models, has a resilient chassis. Instead of adopting soft and flexible suspension for household positioning, it has strong support, and therefore has a good performance in dynamic flexibility of the body.Conclusion: the fourth generation emgrand from the appearance, three major pieces, car configuration of these several aspects have taken out the best price, in 100,000 this level is full of sincerity.More importantly, driving it through cities, smooth power and intelligent interaction also make me feel the happiness after owning the car, which has never been seen in the previous test drive luxury models.Therefore, the 4th generation Emgrand is the most reliable choice for family users or young people who want to buy their first car.