The five social organizations combined to carry out online theme activities of social workers publicity Week in Meiting Community

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In 2007, the International Federation of Social Workers designated the third Tuesday of March each year as the “World Social Work Day” to arouse public recognition of social work, emphasize the role of social workers, and enhance the professional image of social workers.Recently, under the support and leadership of the Community Party Committee, the Party and Mass Service Center of Meiting Community launched an online theme activity of social work publicity Week during the epidemic period, in order to improve the awareness and influence of social workers and enhance the understanding of social work services among meiting community residents.Under the deployment of Ministry of Civil Affairs, China’s social work week in 2022 the theme of “five social linkage convergence, social work services in warm base”, in the past eight years, MeiTing party-mass closely linked to the service center of community party committee, property management, old association, hospitals, kindergartens, enterprise, volunteers, and many other subjects, linkage of social resources and community autonomy organizations, social organizations,Practice the linkage of the five communities, committed to providing better services for the community and residents.The online publicity activity of Meiting Community social work week is in the form of American knowledge publicity, American message interaction and prize-winning knowledge question-and-answer, centering on social work knowledge, service scope, working hours and annual service silhouette of The Party and Mass Service Center of Meiting Community.Among them, the American article has been read by nearly 1000 people, the online q&A has been participated by nearly 100 people, with 195 visits, 511 knowledge points spread, and the average score is 81.89.In mei’s comments, residents spoke highly of the services provided by social workers under the leadership of the Party Committee.Yan Auntie, a resident, said that the international Social Workers Day was celebrated during the intensive epidemic prevention and control in Meiting community, and the commemorative activities were fruitful, demonstrating the efficient and accurate service concept of social workers.Uncle Niu, a resident, said he had participated in many activities organized by social workers in Meiting community and learned a lot of knowledge. He considered social workers as his own relatives and felt much younger with them.Read: Sun Shijian sun Zhengdong