“The first snow clearing operation in the Year of the Tiger is early.” The temperature after the snow is low and strong, keeping warm and preventing slipping

2022-06-20 0 By

Yesterday, Jincheng ushered in the first snow in the Year of the Tiger.The city meteorological observatory issued a blue warning signal for snowstorm, which is expected to see 5 to 12 millimeters of heavy snowfall in most areas of Tianjin, while a yellow warning for ice on roads continues.After the storm, today and tomorrow, the temperature drop is the main play of the weather in Jincheng.Yesterday morning, the snow fell off and on.As of 23 o ‘clock, the average precipitation of the city was 4.7 mm, the maximum precipitation appeared in the Jinghai National general weather station in the Jinghai Sea, 7.4 mm.The snowfall process mainly concentrated in the afternoon to 23 o ‘clock yesterday, after 2 o ‘clock this morning, the precipitation tended to weaken and end.It is predicted that the snowfall is the biggest snowfall in the city this year, with a total of 40 hours.Under the action of snow weather, the temperature of our city turned sharply yesterday, according to the latest weather forecast, today and tomorrow the temperature is still on the low side, the highest temperature during the day is -2℃ to 0℃, the lowest temperature in the downtown area is only about -7℃, the northern area can be as low as -12℃, please pay attention to strengthen warm.(Reporter Su Xiaomei)