Public library of | zhengzhou open “world reading day” series of activities

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The world is beautiful April day, meet “world Reading Day”.To welcome the 27th “World Book Day”, Zhengzhou Library has actively carried out nationwide reading promotion activities, planning and launching more than 50 online activities with rich contents and novel forms, so that readers can feel poetry and distant places through reading.Have learned, in April, in zhengzhou library to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control, on the basis of making full use of literature resources and digital resources, and planning a series of online activities, including line public lecture in the heaven, cloud exhibition, looking for the best reader, read and listen to the issue of language subjects recommended activities, sea pick up hui special books, “donations have you,Book Sharing “book donation activities, photo or video collection activities, reading card, collection village guide, answer contest, etc.In addition, public lectures will be held around the theme of “Walking in Zhengzhou, understanding the earliest China”.On April 23, world Book Day, the museum will launch a video titled “Books, Spring Breeze, and You — An Invitation letter to Readers.”In addition, the museum also aimed at children group will promote the “big hands holding hands, parent-child reading moments” photo collection, the children drawing library collection in my heart, a world of the fun book book fair, a time serial exhibition activities, through “Internet + digital” reading mode, promote reading digital, mobile, popularization, normalized,To meet the diverse needs of readers to read books, listen to lectures, view exhibitions and learn.Citizens who want to participate in the activity can follow the zhengzhou Library website or wechat subscription account to learn about relevant content.(Zhang Yingying/Photo) Reporter: Zhang Yingying, Editor: Gou Xiaoqing