More than 10 wild sika deer were killed by stray dogs in two months in Dalian

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“Another case of wild sika deer being bitten by stray dogs.”On Feb 6, a wild sika deer was bitten by stray dogs and seriously injured. Despite the best efforts of volunteers and doctors at a veterinary hospital, it still did not survive.Upstream news reporters learned that since the end of December 2021, about 10 sika deer have been killed by stray dogs, which has posed a great threat to the survival of local sika deer.As spring and breeding season begin, more and more newborn deer will have to face the threat of stray dogs.▲ Dalian wild sika deer attacked and injured by stray dogs.Wang Dapeng, director of dalian Wild Environment Nature Conservation Center, said at around 20 PM on February 6, he received a call from the police and the street that a sika deer had been bitten by stray dogs near Bati Street in Dalian and was in serious need of rescue.Volunteers rushed to the scene.Nearby residents introduced that the fawn was attacked by stray dogs in the mountains at around 19:00 that night.Sika deer are good at climbing steep slopes, but dogs are not capable of that. In order to avoid being chased and bitten by stray dogs, sika deer walked to the edge of cliffs and rocks, and accidentally fell down from the mountain 10 meters high.The sika deer fell near the Kousan community, and several stray dogs continued to chase and bite the deer.Residents quickly called neighbors, together to drive away stray dogs, sika deer has been dying.Wang Dapeng said the injured deer was a pregnant female and there was a large pool of blood on the ground at the scene.The volunteers quickly sent the fawn to the designated pet hospital for treatment.”Upon examination, it was found that the deer had multiple bites on its body, the abdominal cavity was torn through and a large amount of blood was lost.””Said the volunteer.Although doctors operated on the deer and struggled for hours to save it, the deer could not be brought back due to its serious injuries.The next day, Wang and volunteers buried the dead deer.▲ Dalian’s wild sika deer was attacked and injured by stray dogs. Volunteers began to eat after receiving medical treatment.In recent years, sika deer have been bitten and eaten to death by stray dogs, which is not the only case in the area, volunteers told reporters.Recently, dalian lianhua Mountain near the mountain, a number of stray dogs began to siege the plum deer, there have been a number of bites killed deer.It has been seen that sika deer were chased by several stray dogs and fell into the mountains or sea in desperation, which has affected the reproduction of the wild sika deer population in Dalian.Upstream news reporters learned that the site of the incident was scattered, most of them in the area of Binhai Road and near Lianhua Mountain.This is because sika deer will run all over the mountains when they are frightened when they encounter danger. “The deer we save are basically frightened.”Wang Dapeng said.According to Wang’s statistics, there have been about 14 cases of sika deer being bitten by stray dogs since the end of December 2021.Packs of stray dogs even ripped out the belly and intestines of the female deer in a bloody and tragic scene.What volunteers can do is drive away the stray dogs and bring the injured deer back for medical treatment, but the chance of success is low.▲ The wild sika deer was attacked by stray dogs and died of injuries. Volunteers buried the deer nearby.According to reports, on December 28 and 29, 2021, sika deer were chased and bitten by stray dogs for two consecutive days, respectively in the vicinity of No.2 Yingchun Road, Nanshidao Street, Dalian and Baiyun Yanshui Park.The injured male deer, about a year old, was chased by four stray dogs and forced to run to the lake of Baiyunyan Water Park when it was found by nearby residents on Dec. 29.Residents drove away the stray dogs and immediately called the police, which saved the fawn in the first place.Volunteers arrived and took him to a pet hospital for treatment.Rescue efforts continued until the early hours of The morning. Fortunately, the fawn was revived and revived after the operation on the early hours of December 30.On the afternoon of December 30, the rescued fawn began to eat.The fawn rescued on Dec. 28 was not so lucky and was too badly injured to be rescued.According to the volunteers, only three sika deer have been rescued and released into the wild.They could not track whether the rescued sika deer would survive in the wild.Wang Dapeng believes that the survival probability of released sika deer is relatively small.On the one hand, sika deer are weaker after injury and more likely to be attacked by dogs in the wild.On the other hand, according to the habits of sika deer, they will find a hidden corner after injury, lying on the trees or in a ditch, and then die of natural causes.Since the volunteers were not equipped with monitoring equipment, there was no way to know what happened next.In the past few winters, local sika deer in Dalian have been bitten and killed by stray dogs from time to time, but this year it is very intensive, upstream news reporters found after checking public reports.Part of the reason, wang said, is that stray dogs develop a habit once they eat venison, and they become more adept at hunting sika deer.Why do stray dogs attack sika deer in winter?According to the report, stray dogs can be extremely irritable and aggressive in hot or cold weather.In winter, when some food is frozen, stray dogs lack food and it can be difficult to find food in the wild.In this state, stray dogs have many negative effects on the human environment. Citizens should try not to approach stray dogs when they see them.▲ Dalian wild sika deer was attacked by stray dogs and injured, volunteers sent medical treatment.Sika deer is a small and medium-sized deer with a body length of 125 to 145 cm and a weight of 70 to 100 kg. Sika deer is a national first-class protected animal and listed in the Endangered level of China Red Book of Endangered Animals.In recent years, in Dalian, the wild sika deer not only set up camp in the city hills, breeding, but also frequently visit the downtown mischievously, some people call it “city spirit”.It is reported that this group of sika deer in Dalian is a northeast subspecies, which was previously widely distributed in the three northeastern provinces. Dalian has many sika deer fossils excavated, the earliest in 4 million years ago.Until the 1920s, due to habitat destruction and hunting, the number of sika deer was isolated and sharply reduced. No traces of wild sika deer were found during the investigation in Dalian from 1980 to 2000.After 2000, sika deer appeared successively along Dalian Binhai Road.Statistics show that in the spring of 2004, dalian conducted the first census of sika deer in urban areas, and a total of 37 deer were found in different areas of the city, while nearly 70 deer were found in the census at the end of 2016.According to incomplete statistics, there were about 200 in 2020.There are different opinions about the origin of these sika deer. According to relevant investigation, they are suspected to have escaped from the deer farm.Now it has been more than 20 years, may have multiplied to five generations, six generations, into a wild deer, often in the binhai Road, Lianhua Mountain, Baiyun Mountain, bridge around the sea and other places.Dalian is the only city in China with a population of wild sika deer in its urban area, according to the dalian Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment.Sika deer has become the “ecological card” of dalian.In Dalian’s coastal road and other sections with frequent wildlife activities, dalian traffic police specially added six warning signs to remind passing vehicles to pay attention to watch, control the speed, do not sound the horn to disturb the animals, calling on citizens and tourists to live in harmony with sika deer and other wild animals.According to Wang dapeng, sika deer plays an important ecological role in the plants of mixed conifer-broad-leaved forest in East Asia. Several cities in China have tried to restore the local wild sika deer population through artificial rewilding, but dalian spontaneously formed a population, which is delectable.▲ Doctors at the pet hospital are treating the injured plum deer.However, because the binhai road area where sika deer are distributed is too close to the urban area and is also the place where stray dogs are rampant, the dog disease is becoming more serious, which has brought great threat to the survival of sika deer.Wang Dapeng introduced, generally adult male deer with antlers, with a certain defense.For more than a month, one or two of the dead and injured sika deer were males, while the rest were all about a year old calves and females, including six or seven pregnant females.At the same time, according to the feedback of volunteers at the observation site, the local female deer has decreased significantly recently.As spring and breeding season begin, more and more newborn deer will have to face the threat of stray dogs.▲ Dalian wild sika deer was attacked by stray dogs and fell into the rock, volunteers are rescuing.Stray dogs and cats are still a problem in urban management, so volunteers have issued an appeal for efforts to take in stray dogs.At the same time, some people believe that the threat sika deer face is actually a dog disease, rather than other natural threats to survival, and more efforts should be made to control stray dogs.The idea has also caught the attention of dog lovers.”We agree to respect animal life, but at the same time we should correctly understand that stray dogs and cats are a kind of man-made mistake invested in nature and should not live in the wild,” Wang said.Dogs were originally crossbred and domesticated by human beings nearly ten thousand years ago as hunting tools. They are not natural products and have formed a breed with independent genes. They do not have natural ecological functions, have no natural enemies and do not control hunting.In the past month, more than 10 sika deer have been hunted by stray dogs, resulting in a loss of 10% to 20% of the population. However, this process does not eliminate the weak and retain the strong.A paper titled “Analysis and Reflection on the Current Situation of Conflicts of Interest between Stray dogs and Cats and people” points out that stray dogs and cats are different from wild animals in the common sense.Wild animals refer to those living in the wild mountains, grasslands, plateaus, swamps, wetlands and other areas, far from densely populated areas, and their survival and reproduction are basically unaffected by human beings.For stray dogs and cats, their living environment is closely related to human society. Their food, shelter and reproduction are all closely related to human living environment. Human’s likes and dislikes for stray dogs and cats directly affect their survival.”Stray animals are products of human society, and their companion animals should live in the human environment rather than in the wild, otherwise the damage to nature is serious.”Wang Dapeng said.In order to solve various social problems caused by stray dogs injuring deer, volunteers drafted relevant reports and submitted them to dalian Natural Resources Bureau and Dalian Forest Public Security Bureau in mid-January this year.Volunteers also got the positive response of the above departments, and through the above units to contact the area of public security brigade and dog do.As the dalian dog management department, the dog office is currently in a saturation state, can not be sent out, there is no other treatment.The number of stray dogs abandoned by social kennels and individuals is still increasing.After reviewing public reports, upstream journalists found that similar to dalian, stray dog shelters in many cities are under great pressure, and some of them are on the verge of saturation.”The reason why stray dogs have become a problem in many cities is related to factors such as dog owners abandoning their pets at random, pets going missing and the disorderly breeding of stray dogs.””Said a pet protection society volunteer.The establishment of the stray dog shelter means a large amount of capital investment. The venue, personnel, management, kennel, dog food and other costs need to be supported.”Even with financial support, there is no one to adopt the dogs in the shelter, while the city’s stray dogs continue to breed, which is not a long-term solution.”According to the existing system, the management of stray dogs and cats is still difficult.”We call on everyone to fully understand the harm caused by dog disease and the current situation of the survival of wild sika deer. It requires concerted efforts from all walks of life to solve the problem and jointly seek solutions.”Wang Dapeng said.Source upstream News