The pre-order yuan PLUS will be released soon

2022-06-19 0 By

Xiaobian from BYD official news, pre-sale hot BYD Yuan PLUS will be officially launched on February 19!More than 20,000 units of the Yuan PLUS have been placed in domestic orders since the pre-sale.Why domestic orders?In fact, it is also because meta-plus was simultaneously listed in Australia when it was listed in China. It is said that the Australian market of meta-Plus was named Atto 3.It is said that 1,500 units of the Yuan PLUS were pre-ordered in Australia.Therefore, the pre-sale of the Yuan PLUS is not only popular in Korea, but also in some overseas countries.Yuan PLUS this car, in the body size has a lot of improvement, the length and width of the new car are 4455*1875*1615 mm, the wheelbase is 2720 mm, the space in the cash PRO size is more spacious!So yuan PLUS will also be defined as A class SUV model!The New yuanplus has four models and is priced at 132,800 to 152,800 yuan.As the second model of BYD Yuan series, it is also equipped with E platform 3.0 model, which has a very beautiful appearance and interior design. Many car fans have great expectations for yuan PLUS, waiting for the official announcement of the price!According to the model’s parameter configuration, the Yuan PLUS will carry a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 150 kW and an acceleration time of 7.3 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h.In terms of battery life, the new car will carry a lithium iron phosphate blade battery, and two models with a range of 410 km and 510 km can be selected.In addition, the body color is fit for the young fashion group.Inspired by “Awakening”, yuanplus has five sports-related colors: surfing blue, skiing white, rock climbing gray, adventure green and Parkour red!It’s a lot of choice.Dear friends, which color do you like? Please leave a message and discuss with us!