Pure Love: Pushing the Road Is white tonight, 9.8 jest!

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Hi, everyone, I’m your editor Nini.Recently a lot of little baby leisure time do not know what to read novels, unknowingly fell into the book shortage, this xiaobian also feel the experience.Today I recommend: Pure love: Pushing the Road From Tonight white, male protagonist super Sue, 9.8 sweet, even brushing!The first book: “First love he is sweet and sweet” author: nonsense and his introduction: “when can you probably finish?”Jiangano also know, after all, he is asking others for help also have to see when others can finish.Excerpt: “Oh.”Gu Lin looked at the notebook on the desktop, and the first thing that came into his eyes was the lovely red panda. Gu Lin unconsciously aroused a radian at the corners of his mouth.After reading it, he looked up at his teacher sitting on the desk and wrote back, “Huh?What do you say?”His writing is particularly strong and strong, and there is a good order between the lines.After writing back to his desk, Jiangye can not help but want to praise his words.Jiangye own words like dog gnaw, in addition to his own, others are afraid to recognize it is difficult, Jiangye in the notebook to write the words are a stroke to write out, but compared with Gu Lin, simply a in the sky, a in the ground.”Gu Lin elder brother you free time can teach me to practice Chinese?”Jiango bowed his head and said that he had learned calligraphy for a period of time in his childhood, but it was useless. Jiango now suspected that the teacher was too old or the level of appearance was not high enough to attract his love of calligraphy. All this is the teacher’s pot!Jiango firmly believe that if let Gu Lin teach their effect must be different!”Is that what you wanted to tell me?””No,” He said, shaking his head. “We’ll talk about that at home in the evening.”Here to say, afraid of shame, after all, I am so timid…”Oh.”Sitting on the chair of the substitute teacher, heard the voice of speech, raised his head eyes around a turn, noticed the action of Jiangano, Jiangano reputation is in the whole seven is famous for stinking.Introduction: When I was thirteen years old, I began to ascend the throne. Enkexi, at the banquet in Qionglin, that Tanhualang jumped into the pool of the Qing Dynasty in grief and indignation just because I looked at him twice, indicating that he would rather die than be disgraced.Excerpt: “He confessed, pei Zheng’s men killed He Jing, the evidence of the crime is in the basement of the He Jing hospital.”I’m a bit down in the dumps.”I will search for him another day.””There are men there. Take more men with you.”I thought about it for a while, but still felt uncomfortable and said, “I’ll let the palace send a secret guard to protect you.”Palace guard’s skill is a strong, hidden kung fu is better, will not let people find, also avoid fanfare.Su yun also understood the importance of this point, so he did not refuse.Out of the underground cell, I narrowed my eyes and turned to su Huanqing beside me.His eyes were fixed in thought. His profile was soft and handsome, and his lips were thin and curved.It is said that people with thin lips and light eyes are cold and thin, the most ruthless, but Su Yun is obviously not such a person.”Chun fu……”I murmured, and his eyelashes fluttered and his eyes dropped to my face, confused.”Did your Majesty just call me?”Nervously, I clutched up my sleeve and blurted out the question.”There was some truth in what the remonstrant doctor said yesterday.””Pang Zhong?”Su Yun one zheng, then laugh, “Your Majesty think that is reasonable?””Men should marry and women should marry, don’t you think so?””I asked tentatively.”If you don’t meet someone you really like, you’d rather never marry.”He spoke without much thought.Introduction: Gu Yebai, between us, it’s like no one guessed right at the beginning, and no one guessed right at the end.But if the time to come again, I will still be back to the origin, smiling and waiting for this will eventually come to the grand goodbye.Whistling lazily, Lin Ziyan opens the door of Sofia.Sofia is a quiet room.The lighting is right, not too psychedelic, let a person lose his sense of propriety.As soon as I walked in, the soft music filled my ears.Heard, my alley you often pass by;I heard you are no longer lonely;I heard you fell in love with me…Lin Ziyan suddenly thought of Susan, he and she are destined to be insoluble, every time he makes a step forward, she takes a step back, she says married to the sky, so from now on there is a reason to travel around the world.Fang Ying, who works as a simultaneous interpreter, often accompanies her leaders to go abroad. They met in the sky when she took her flight.Sharing the blue sky and white clouds, not looking up at the gloomy corner of the city.Fang Ying has a wife, Susan is not willing to intervene, but in this way to say follow.He comes with a cup of hot tea, he leaves with a smile.In addition, even a hug of the temperature, also not much.Thousands of feet in the air, love you on the clouds, release the lonely and beautiful thin oxygen.With a self-deprecating smile, Lin Ziyan walks to the bar.Tonight, lu Youyan’s appearance, also stimulated him, awaken so many years his heart hidden demons.Three men were already sitting at the bar.They were all elegantly dressed, elegant and pleasant, laughing and chatting, no wonder the attention of the opposite sex was concentrated on them.The man in the center, heavy pupil micro narrow, amorous feelings and handsome, not his boss Gu Yebai is who?He walked quickly over and asked, “Why are you here?”Gu Night white eyes do not lift, only silently drinking wine.Good time is always short, if you feel good, I hope you will give xiaobian article a thumb-up plus a concern yo!Pay attention to xiaobian not book shortage oh, we will see you next time!