On January 30th, songxian Meteorological Bureau lifted the yellow warning of “Grade III/severe” for road icing.

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Songxian Meteorological Observatory issued yellow warning signal for road icing at 16:10 on January 28, 2022:Affected by low temperatures and snow is expected in the next 24 hours my county town, the town of Tian Hu, muddy lu town, paper town, 闫庄 town, village township, DaPing Township, rice slope town, nine gao town, Huang Zhuang township, Germany pavilion town, big chapter, jiuxian, wood street car townships, villages and towns, baihe town of all villages and towns, such as the temperature will be lower than 0 ℃, possible or already has a large effect on the traffic of icy roads,Please take precautions.On January 28, songxian Meteorological Bureau issued a yellow warning of “grade III/severe” for road icing.–end–>