How to clean the scale in the car water tank

2022-06-19 0 By

As we all know, the water tank plays a role in heat dissipation under normal working conditions, but once scale is produced around the water tank, it will greatly affect the heat dissipation of the water tank.Because the coefficient of thermal conductivity of scale is very low, it is only 1/25 of cast iron and 1/50 of brass. The scale formed in the lining of cylinder body and the channel of cylinder head makes the temperature rise in the local area due to poor heat dissipation, which will lead to cracks in the weak part of the engine and deformation of cylinder head.It not only makes the cooling system cooling performance deteriorates, there is a local high temperature area, deterioration of lubrication conditions, engine temperature rise, accelerate the engine system wear;Also plug the heat pipe or cooling system pipeline, greatly reduce the heat transfer efficiency, so that the engine overheating directly harm the safety of drivers.In addition, to avoid scale, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of water tank coolant.A lot of drivers do not pay attention to the use of coolant and actor, what join cistern normally is ordinary water, can cause the siltation of scale.Good antifreeze is not only low freezing point, but also has a variety of other functions to add ingredients, can inhibit foam, rust, anti electrolytic and anti scale and so on, so remind the majority of car users to carefully choose the coolant beneficial to the water tank.Water tank scale cleaning method 1, manual cleaning method: the car water tank needs to be removed, with artificial hammer, scraping, shovel and other cleaning scale;Descaling efficiency is low, labor intensity is large, not easy to clean, easy to cause secondary damage to the water tank.Two, professional car water tank scale remover: general cleaning agent, can not completely remove the scale and acid substances in the waterway, sometimes can bubble down a large amount of scale off, but this will block the waterway, sometimes to remove the water tank for cleaning.If the use of good quality strong cleaning agent, can be cleaned without disassembly, but also can be cleaned without stopping the condition.The scale is suspended in the coolant as a powder and does not clog the engine’s waterways.So when the choose and buy water tank cleaning agent, do not only plan cheap.