Buy a car to avoid these gearbox, save worry and money

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Recently we received a lot of friends about the purchase of car consultation, many of them are required to be automatic transmission models, but in the end is what kind of automatic transmission, figure out the friends are not many, this period we will take stock of a few can not buy the automatic transmission, help you avoid lightning.Volkswagen DQ200 dry dual clutch gearbox to say can’t buy automatic gearbox, from the Volkswagen DQ200 dry dual clutch there must be a place.It is very embarrassing that there are not a few Volkswagen models equipped with DQ200 dry dual clutch gearbox. The vast majority of Domestic Volkswagen models with 1.4T engine use this gearbox, such as 1.4T Golf, Sagitar, Lavida and so on.Large volume does not mean that this gearbox is reliable, DQ200 dry dual clutch gearbox common faults have jitter, stumble, abnormal sound, drag, slide valve box failure, etc..If correctly used and maintained, DQ200 dry dual clutch gearbox with tens of thousands of kilometers is no problem, but the reality is not as perfect as the ideal, DQ200 is most afraid of traffic jam.When you are stuck in traffic, the working logic of the dual-clutch gearbox will be greatly challenged. The gearbox thinks you are going to accelerate and prepare to hang the second gear, but you brake. The back and forth will cause the temperature of the dual-clutch gearbox to rise, and then cause failure.DQ200 dry dual clutch gearbox maintenance is not expensive, about three, four thousand, but after repair will relapse.Saic DCT250 dual clutch gearbox, as an old car manufacturer, Volkswagen can’t play dry dual clutch gearbox, let alone other car manufacturers. However, SAIC does not believe this evil, and prefers to play it. As a result, many car owners are deceived, among which mg 6 is the most representative.The DCT250 gearbox carried by Mg 6 is jointly developed by SAIC and GM. What kind of car company is GM?That’s the car company that developed the “metal mixer” GF6. What good work can it do?Sure enough, the DCT250 has become a nightmare for many mg 6 owners, with complaints of abnormal sound, frustration and oil leakage.From the 2014 model, mg 6 began to have gearbox abnormal sound problems.The subsequent models of 2017, 2018 and 2019 all have abnormal gearbox sound problems, and there are a large number of complaints on the automobile quality complaint website “Qeshi”.Among them, the 2017 Mg 6 gearbox received the most complaints of abnormal sound, up to 350.Many people think that THE CVT gearbox is more reliable than the dual clutch gearbox. In fact, it is not. The CVT gearbox is prone to failure if it often has a big foot throttle, which is most representative of nissan’s CVT gearbox.At present, Nissan’s models from Sylsey to Qijun are all CVT transmission, Nissan is so obsessed with CVT transmission, on the surface is to save fuel, in fact, is to save cost.It is reported that the manufacturer’s cost of purchasing a CVT gearbox is less than half of that of AT gearbox, which is not a fraction of the cost saved according to the scale of nissan’s annual sales of millions.When automakers save money, consumers spend more.Some netizens have exposed the maintenance cost of Versa’s CVT gearbox, which is 10,000 yuan for 4S shops and 6,000 yuan for disassembly parts for outside car repair shops.The most common problem with the Nissan CVT is skidding, and in severe cases it may even fail to accelerate.In addition, abnormal sound, setbacks, oil leakage, steel belt fracture and other complaints are also many, if you are ready to buy Xuan Yi or xiao, must understand these problems in advance.In addition to Nissan, Toyota and Honda also have a number of problems with their CVTS, but the failure rate is much lower.If you want to buy an automatic transmission car, we prefer to choose AT transmission, although the transmission efficiency and fuel saving effect is not as good as the dual clutch and CVT transmission, but it is better in reliability.However, fewer and fewer models can still insist on using AT gearbox within the price range of 200,000. Many models with prices over 200,000 have begun to use CVT and dual clutch gearbox, and I do not know whether it is progress or regression.Welcome to comment, leave a message and forward, we will randomly select a lucky fan in the comments section, send out a beautiful gift