Americans who have lived in Nanning for nearly 10 years wish they could have more Chinese years

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Lin Ziyang, a teacher from the Art School of Guangxi University for Nationalities, is quite interesting. He is a native American, but he speaks Fluent Chinese.As a foreigner, he teaches guangxi folk songs and can sing folk songs in Zhuang.Lin Ziyang, who has been living in Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, as his second home for nearly 10 years, tells the story of his relationship with the Chinese New Year on the occasion of the Chinese New Year of the Tiger.In August 2010, Lin Ziyang quit his job in the United States and came to Guangxi to learn folk songs. In 2014, he began to teach at a university in Guangxi. He has stayed in Guangxi for nearly 10 years, except that he went back to the United States for more than a year to pursue his wife.As an old nanning resident, Lin Ziyang has long been accustomed to staying in Guangxi for the Spring Festival, and is no longer keen on experiencing and experiencing the traditional Chinese New Year.On New Year’s Eve, the three of them went to visit his African friend and had a great time.”On the New Year’s Eve and the first day of the first lunar Month, I received a lot of New Year’s greetings from students and friends on wechat.” Lin ziyang also replied one by one, including many tiger-related greetings, which made him feel that Chinese characters were very interesting.The tradition of sending messages to friends during Spring Festival also amused him. “You can keep friendship with a lot of people,” he said.On New Year’s Eve this year, Lin Ziyang (first from left) and his family visited his African friend.On the afternoon of February 1st, Lin Ziyang’s family went for a walk in the newly-built Mingyue Lake Park. He found many people in the park were wearing red clothes.He was also wearing a red coat, which made him feel festive.In addition to traveling abroad during his winter vacation, Lin Ziyang has spent several Spring Festivals in China and has been impressed by the Chinese New Year.In 2011, Lin ziyang spent his first Spring Festival in Guangxi. He didn’t have many Chinese friends at that time, so he went to another American friend’s home and watched the Spring Festival Gala with them.It struck him as strange to hold such a grand party on New Year’s Eve, with the whole country watching the same programme.In addition, the sound of firecrackers and fireworks during Spring Festival also left a deep impression on him.Especially near 24 o ‘clock, firecrackers resounded throughout the community, gorgeous fireworks lit up the city.Lin Ziyang’s first impression of Chinese Spring Festival was that it was lively and festive.Lin Ziyang experienced the Taste of Chinese New Year up close in 2016.That year, he and two American friends were invited to spend Spring Festival at the homes of students from Beijing Liu.It was a village in the north of the country, where fried braised pork, fried egg dumplings, stuffed dumplings…Families are busy preparing for the New Year’s Eve feast, which is full of fireworks.On New Year’s Eve, he watched a student family solemnly sacrifice to ancestors, and then we began to paste Spring Festival couplets, pasted paper-cuts.”We have been eating and drinking since the afternoon of New Year’s Eve.In the evening, every family begins to set off firecrackers and fireworks.Get up the next morning, all over the ground red firecrackers paper, very distinctive.During the Spring Festival of 2016, Lin Ziyang was deeply impressed by the red firecracker paper flowing all over the ground.Lin Ziyang found that firecrackers used to be a standard part of The Chinese Spring Festival. Chinese people would set off firecrackers before the New Year’s eve dinner, at the moment of ringing out the old year and ushering in the New Year, and even to welcome and see off visitors.But in recent years, as China has become more environmentally friendly, he found that many cities are controlling fireworks and banning them more widely.Lin Ziyang says that although Chinese New Year tastes are changing quietly, the importance Chinese people attach to Spring Festival remains the same.For most Chinese, no matter where they are on New Year’s Eve, they must return home and have a family reunion dinner.Compared with Christmas, Chinese New Year lasts longer and “people enjoy being together”.▲ Lin Ziyang went to Tian Dong’s home to experience the Chinese New Year.He once went to a student’s home in Guigang city on the third day of the lunar New Year, and called it a “big family” Spring Festival in his circle of friends. The courtyard was filled with tables and everyone ate together happily.He was also invited to visit students’ homes in Tiandong during the Spring Festival to experience local Customs and take family photos with them.▲ Lin Ziyang and his friends were invited to a student’s home in Tiandong during the Spring Festival to take family photos with his family.In Nanning for many years, Lin Ziyang has regarded nanning as his second hometown, he married a Chinese-American wife, and has a lively and lovely son aged 1 year and 2 months.In order to be a good father, Lin ziyang reads tang Dynasty poems to his son for the first time.With his son to participate in the Mid-Autumn festival garden activities in the community;Because the son loves to eat pomelo, jokes that he is a Guangxi son.Lin Ziyang told reporters that he and his wife like Guangxi very much, and their family plans to live in Guangxi for a long time to experience more interesting Spring Festival.