“The killer is not too calm” joke intensive, Wei Xiang opera jing upper body, fake real sentence burst terrif

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Spring Festival gear hot style a pick a movie, a total of more than 10 excellent work at the same time, but in many hot style, happy twist works stand out the killer is not very calm, was able to attract the attention of the cut in the audience, is not an accident, but inevitable, after all, most of the audience, are more willing to in this period of time during the Spring Festival,With family to watch a comedy movie so talk to you today the “the killer is not very cool at first, puts the film with this killer is not too cold, lenovo together, in fact, happy twist of the new ‘this killer is not too cold’ didn’t have anything to do, just similar names, have marketing, happy twist is said in the heat of the ceng somebody actually otherwise,Because all the character set which is closely associated with the title, at some level, happy to twist the better, the reason is simple, because the star lineup is we are familiar with some of the actors, so look more friendly, wei zifeng fault output, alone for the first time, as men see Mary with wei zifeng name alone feel very has the sense to the person,Or the familiar smell, can present the story of completely different, director XingWen pressured workenvironment there is a lot of mention of his name, I believe you will feel strange, but he’s magnum opus, a than a superior, for example, “I and my hometown,” “king of the bath, and so on national comedy queen, a laughter can seize the audience eyeball Mary, the subversive image,Played a femme fatale in the entertainment circle, in order to deal with their enemies, deliberately set up a bureau, Wei Xiang is not to say more, he created a famous scene numerous, many audiences like to call him three stutter a pig man
Rainbow in the west the city’s richest man, with only a camera to the audience left a deep impression, the business ability to be reckoned with, like what it is, every time can be remade role play, at some level, the “the killer is not very calm with Stephen chow before using somewhat similar to the” king of comedy “why do you say so,Seen Stephen chow’s “king of comedy” friends all know that kernel telling story is about the men to pursue their dreams in the cast walk-on has triggered a series of the plot, wei zifeng’s men ‘wei successful people as the name implies, run for years on the bit player, never to turn opportunities in an accidental opportunity, get the appreciation of the female star milan,For cultivation of him, help him to finish his men dream, actually is a man who took him as a tool, he pretend to be true ‘killer Carl with yourself, play to mihell Chen plays the villain Harvey, then staged a matter of vital importance to the drama when everyone thought that’ success ‘is the real killer wei,Only milan know he is a “fake” and wei zifeng with superb acting, from beginning to end “try” the villain hold now, there is no flaw, inadvertently a small details, many in the audience are intriguing, during a trip to the set wei success all the routines move caused da-yong zhou as Jimmy’s depth of doubt,But it was not long before a successful wei subdue them, in the car before a second also solemnly chatting with somebody else, the next seconds’ ones open throat Shouting, frighten a driver almost did not even hold the steering wheel, later was a wig cap to his face, Jimmy thought someone was following their lead to rearview mirror, wei success is really like in the case of pay attention to the car behind,Surprise, every time to attack, it is not hard to find, positive, there are a lot of highway to pay tribute to the classic film, who stay on the set, miller make extras Huang Cai Aaron’s director, performing the plot of “shot”, all are dropped and pour to laugh at, only after successful shot in the wei reason absurd,Call myself as a soldier of patients with cerebral thrombosis, sacrifice, the enemy’s bullets through his blood clots, just a moment is recovered, the logic of a wonderful work to miller in distress situation, it is because of this, milan feel wei is the best person to success, because he’s in the way of silly matter, generally interpreted not to come out in recent years,Up movie just a lot more, but remake a handful of success, and the “the killer is not very calm” appears, the effect of far more than the original “magic moment” of Japan is now the heat of the run, the film archives not only high scores on the Spring Festival, the punchline is very intense, all without any waste, leading role of high frequency conversation,It is a pity that some marketing accounts deliberately mislead the public and score randomly on Douban, so that an 8 out of 10 film, so far only 6.8 points, you know, the Killer is not too Calm is the only comedy in the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival.His point is that the actors and the identity of the killer swaps and both can try to make look ridiculous plot at ordinary times become more reasonable, and laughing behind the prism is a little bitter, in short, the “the killer is not very calm” is worth us repeatedly aftertaste, remember to focus on, thumb up, collection, three even a key!