Millennium Tea Feast (Part I)

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Millennium elegant tea banquet, the world’s most beautiful dream.1. The Definition and Connotation of the Tea Banquet The tea banquet is not a gourmet banquet, but a feast of tea and culture.Tea banquet is not only a kind of life style, life aesthetics and cultural tradition, but also a set of unique cultural system of tea banquet.Tea banquet involves philosophy, tea science, aesthetics, literature, art, music and so on, but also involves the world outlook, outlook on life, values and comprehensive cultural quality.Tea banquet culture includes but is not limited to: tea tasting, tea ceremony, water tasting, Taoism, ancient literature, poetry, music, folk music, good ancient, Traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, couplets, incense, flower art, clothing and so on.Tea banquet, can be said to condense all the beauty and elegance of the world, culture and elegance.Two, three, tea tea feast the development process of the banquet environment with the principle of classical ancient letters in leisure, about 35, often to the countryside mountain park, stream takes * * ta and wind on the night, talk to boil spring boiled tea, might, such as charge of elegant, cultured is tea, Maya, activity, and, this text with tea party members in ancient times referred to as “gathering”.Ya ji is another name for tea feast.It is a small gathering that cultivates sentiment through the art forms of incense burning, hanging pictures, bottle offering, poetry reciting, chanting, playing the qin, and ritual tea. The content and form are somewhat similar to today’s parties and salons.Only tang and Song tea banquet is more decorous, more cultural, more force case just, but be this bit gap, one thousand years passed, present person is still far behind.Millennium elegant tea banquet, the world’s most beautiful dream.The most beautiful party on earth. They got tired of it 1200 years ago.Six basic principles of tea banquet environment: natural, simple, quiet, elegant, aesthetic, artistic conception.The tea banquet classical environment in The memory of Chinese culture: qu shui loamed, bright moon between pine, stone on stream side, boat on water, deep bamboo forest, orchid pavilion rain lotus, misty rain jiangnan, mountain top lingyun, pastoral song, snow on the south and so on.Nature, aesthetics, culture, elegance, famous people.It’s all in the millennium tea party.Fourth, tea banquet, formed in the Wei and Jin dynasties.The rudiment of tea banquet appeared in The Zhou and Han dynasties and took shape in the Wei and Jin dynasties.”Wuxing Ji” by Shan Qianzhi in wei, Jin and Northern and Southern Dynasties records: “Every year, the governor of Wuxing and Viling counties gather tea party here.This is the earliest written record of the word “tea feast”.In the Wei and Jin dynasties, the seven sages in the Bamboo forest and the Golden Valley Tea Banquet (the internal tea banquet of the 24 friends of the Golden Valley) are the classic representatives of the early Chinese tea banquet.Curved water crystal wine has always been synonymous with tea banquet, in fact, the early curved water crystal wine is drinking.And the period of change, in the Wei jin Southern and Northern Dynasties.Eastern Jin Wang Xizhi “Lanting Set Preface” yonghe nine years old in Guichou, at the beginning of late spring, will in kuiji Shanyin Lanting, repair also.Gather the sage together, and grow the salt less.Here there are mountains, forests and bamboo;And there is a clear current exciting turbulence, around the band, led to think that the sandy-cup water, row sit next.Although there is no silk and bamboo orchestra sheng, a crystal, also enough to Syria.The sun is also, the sky is clear, the wind is smooth, looking up at the universe, and the sheng of the categories, so the view is free and clear, enough to entertain the hearing and hearing, and the letter is also coke.Lady of each other, bow to the world, or take all embrace, wu speech in one room;Or because of the trust, loose beyond.Although all kinds of different things are interesting and quiet, when they meet with joy, they temporarily get what they have, and with everything being fast, they are all but satisfied, unaware that old age is coming.I am tired of feeling sorry for myself.When I am glad to be there, when I bow down to it, I can’t help thinking of it.The situation is short and the end is at the end.The ancients said, “Death and life are also great.”It doesn’t hurt!Every glance past people xing feeling by, if the unity of the deed, not not in the text of mourning, can not be yu Huai.Solid know dead life for vain, Qi Peng shang for vain.The future of the present, also from the present to the past.Sorrow!Therefore, the people of the time, recorded its description, although the world is different things, so xing Huai, its cause one also.After the tour, will also feel sven.The tea banquet in the Wei and Jin dynasties established the potential rules of tea banquet, such as close to nature, leisurely and comfortable, poetic tea discussion, based on culture, advocating elegance, full of aesthetic feeling and emphasizing the exchange of ideas, etc.Whether it is derived from the winding water flowing wine on March 3, or talking about the seven sages of the bamboo forest between the mountains and rivers, early drinking is mostly, and later evolved into mainly drinking tea.Clearly know the Han Dynasty even tea trading market had, must gather and drink together, group and into the banquet, rudiment tea banquet must exist, but can not find a trace of tea banquet historical data.It is clear that the formal formation of tea banquet must evolve in the historical period from Wei jin to Southern Dynasties, but there is no evidence of their evolution track.In the blink of an eye, lu Wen of the Tang Dynasty “March 3 Tea Banquet Preface”.The biggest secret in the field of tea culture is hidden in the history of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, southern Dynasties, Sui and Tang Dynasties. Tea science, tea ceremony philosophy, tea banquet culture and so on were born in this history.And the password to unlock this secret is: Jiangnan.Five, tea banquet, prosperous in the Tang Dynasty.The prosperity of tea banquet began in the Tang Dynasty.In the process of transferring from The Tea culture center of Bashu to the Tea culture Center of Wuxing, the tang Dynasty tea banquet of Wuxing cultural circle in the calendar year was born.Lu Yu, Jiao Ran and Yan Zhenqing were the main representatives of the Tang Tea feast.The classic tea banquet in tang Dynasty is as follows: Grand royal tea banquet: Qingming Banquet in the imperial palace.Large-scale theme tea banquet: Two mountain tea banquet in Datang Gong Tea Courtyard.Large-scale custom tea banquet: March 3 tea banquet.Temple tea banquet: Yunmen Temple Yunmen Tea Banquet, Dongfeng tea Banquet, etc.Cultural tea banquet: three Decting tea banquet, Tiaoxi Cottage tea banquet.Famous people’s private tea banquet: Miaoxi Temple tea banquet, Green pond tea banquet.Small palace tea banquet and so on.1, Lu Yu, Jiao Ran participated in the cultural tea banquet: three Guiting tea banquet, Shao Xi thatched cottage tea banquet, etc.Tang Dynasty three Guiting tea banquet, Tiaoxi grass hall tea banquet, miao Xi temple tea banquet, green pond tea banquet, the protagonist is Lu Yu, Jiao Ran, Yan Zhenqing three people.Let’s take a look at some of the tea banquets organized or mainly participated in by Lu Yu and Jiao Ran to broaden our horizon.(1) Miaoxi Temple Tea Banquet refers to the Private tea banquet held in Miaoxi Temple.Jiao Ran “nine days drink tea with lu Cheng shi feather” : nine days mountain monk courtyard, east hedge chrysanthemum also yellow.The laity pan-wine, who help tea.⑵ Tiaoxi Cottage Tea banquet refers to the cultural tea banquet/private tea banquet held in Tiaoxi Cottage.Tiaoxi Thatched Cottage is a special tea liao prepared by Jiao Ran, Lu Yu once lived.Jiao Ran “tiaoxi change hall since the calendar three years xiaxin camp, ji autumn and spring, mijiajing win, because of the memory of the matter, Jane Pan Chengcheng, Tang comment on the balance of forty-three rhyme” (excerpt) : since the east stream live, only with the crowd.Yee li still near the name, not vanished in Ling.The Taoist heart system wild ape, French teach secluded guest.Environment clean vientiane is true, send eyes are beneficial.The original ruthless flower, mountain listening to the stone.Bamboo born from xiao, cloud often white.But he saw the world far above him.What’s the matter? Who cares about life and death?The spring wind is restless in the meditation places.Foreign affairs is not my way, forget the fate of tired experience.Night waste eyes and ears, static form god not service.Color night qingyun, flower drain dripping.East wind blows Fir wu, secluded month to shibi.This understanding of the heart, and thousands of enemies.⑶ Three Guiting tea banquet, refers to the cultural tea banquet held in three Guiting.Three Guiting was prepared by Lu Yu, Yan Zhenqing and Jiao Ran to provide material support.Lu Yu, Jiao Ran, Yan Zhenqing and many other famous tang scholars gathered here, stunning the world for thousands of years.Jiao Ran “feng and Yan make jun true qing and Lu Chengshi feather on miaoxi temple three Guiting” : Autumn, the Western mountains, Liecen entangle left times.Calligraphic pavilion calendar three decyl, shu toe adjacent temple.Yuan hua hidden ghost trace, shi Jun Qi high lei.Crop hazel to raise the head, whipweed fragrant ears.Bend by laying stones covered with water capacity, forcing day sweep peak cui.New eyes and ears, different things far fengyan.Lean on the stone forget the world, aid cloud true meaning.Jialin don’t cut, Zen buddy xin can protect.Wei Fa minister, zuo Swim qunying.Dragon pond protect clear, tiger section to deep.Acts want to shengsheng, no memory today.(To be continued, see next episode) — From “A Brief History of Human Tea” and “Ask About Tea” by Brother Xiaoyao.Pictures from the Internet.Brother Xiaoyao, a scholar of tea culture.The first batch of “Great Tea” large-scale tea culture works series four tea books: “A Brief History of Human Tea”, “Ask Tea: Tea History Star Illuminating Human Civilization”, “The Book of Tea Ceremony”, “The Core Idea of Tea”, all have complete copyright, original evidence has been retained and has applied for official copyright registration, will be published soon.This article was first published on wechat: Great Tea.