Guess lantern riddles, dumplings, lanterns…Yangpu Lantern Festival atmosphere here “pull full”

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The Lantern Festival is coming, in order to create a festive and peaceful festive atmosphere, promote the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, enrich the spiritual and cultural life of community residents, On February 11, the bridge street Hejian Road community good-neighborly center to carry out the Lantern Festival theme activities of “Lantern Festival, hejia happy reunion”.Community residents, parents and families participate in the festival.Guess lantern riddles, dumplings, lanterns…Are the Lantern Festival of traditional festival customs.In guessing lantern riddles, parents and families “use their brains” to enjoy the festival culture.Later, under the guidance of the volunteer aunts, adults and children took part in the activity to experience the fun of making tangyuan.Everyone is rubbing their hands, eager to try, rolling up their sleeves, busy.Knead dough, rub tangyuan, put tangyuan……In a short time, the white fat dumplings are ready.The most interesting part of the scene is to make the rabbit lamp by hand.As an ancient Chinese traditional handicrafts, lanterns symbolize good luck and happiness.In the hearts of many old people, the lovely rabbit lantern is the best gift for childhood Lantern Festival.Accompanied by volunteers and their parents, the children fixed the wires, pasted a thin layer of white paper, pasted pink rabbit ears, and pasted the “rabbit hair”.Finished yizhanzhan interesting and lovely rabbit lamp.The wonderful activities not only added to the festive atmosphere, but also made the parents and children closer in the interaction, and let the residents find the fun of childhood.Children also said, “By making rabbit lanterns, I got close to the charm of intangible cultural heritage and experienced the joy of diy.”Daqiao Street expressed its hope that through the Lantern Festival theme activities, big friends and children in the community will participate in the activities, deepen the understanding of Chinese traditional festivals, truly feel the profound cultural connotation contained in the traditional festivals, experience the charm of intangible cultural heritage culture, and create a civilized, festive and harmonious festival atmosphere.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: