Feeling is the masses, winter door-to-door certification show warmth

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Rednet moment February 9 news (correspondent Ma Xiaofeng) “thank you, thank you, the present government is good, sincerely for our people!”On February 8, Mr. Xie, who lives in the North Tower district, held the police’s hand tightly and kept saying thanks.North tower branch personnel brigade combined with the actual area, the Spring Festival holiday adhere to the full “do not close”, after the festival vigorously carry out “doorto service” “special” and other convenient measures, effectively meet the actual needs of the masses, let the service more “human touch”, further improve the area of the masses of the sense of security and satisfaction.On February 8, 1 PM, thank a gentleman to the jurisdiction of the entry brigade to know father id card lost, unable to deal with activating social security card and related medical preferential measures, for others to deal with an id card is simply run a trip to the problem, but for Mr. Xie’s father was a “big problem”, it turns out that the old man paralyzed in bed for many years,Has not been out of the house for a long time, the whole family is worried about this time.After tan Yingzhen, the head of the immigration brigade, learned of the incident, he immediately called li Yilin, the instructor, and took a laptop computer and fingerprint device on his back, braving the cold to apply for an ID card for Xie’s father.Li Yilin carefully selected the clothes for the photo and arranged the clothes. Since the old man had been in bed for many years, it was not easy to sit up and pose for the photo. The two policemen also assisted the family members to straighten the old man’s sitting position.Li Quickly picked up his camera and expertly took photos of the elderly.North tower branch of entry team always practicing service tenet of “serving the people wholeheartedly”, promote jurisdictions of the masses of security and satisfaction as the goal, for living difficulties, action inconvenience, physical disabilities, the masses to provide door-to-door service, to solve their real suffering, let police “run”, “little bother” to make difficult people,To truly open up the “last mile” of convenient services, deliver window services to “people’s homes”, and deliver warmth to “people’s homes”.