Come and declare!The first batch of guangzhou intellectual property project (protection) business application in 2022 has officially started

2022-06-18 0 By

Southern net news (reporter/Wu Jiefen correspondent/spike number of zheng xuan) the reporter learns from the administration of the guangzhou government affairs service data, in order to further improve policy to deliver service efficiency, give full play to financial incentives, leading role, the bureau in conjunction with the guangzhou market supervision administration officially launched in 2022 the first batch of intellectual property rights project in guangzhou (protection), according to the workFrom now until 18 o ‘clock, February 20th (Sunday), all qualified enterprises, public institutions, social organizations and other organizations in Guangzhou administrative region can make “one-stop” declaration in the “policy Fulfillment Service” special area of Guangzhou Branch of Guangdong Government Service network, realizing “zero movement” in handling affairs.According to the introduction, in order to standardize the declaration procedures, the declaration unit is a municipal unit, by its municipal administrative department or the district market supervision bureau (intellectual Property Office) review and recommendation;If the applicant is a central or provincial institution in Guangzhou, a ministry (or provincial) institution of higher learning, or a central or provincial scientific research institution, the applicant can be directly reviewed and recommended by the applicant.Other applicants shall be examined and recommended by the local market Supervision Bureau (Intellectual Property Office).In order to avoid the situation of repeated declaration, the projects that have obtained or are applying for other municipal financial special funds or one-time projects that have received project support from financial funds at all levels shall not be declared again, and the same applicant shall not be allowed to apply for more than two development fund subsidy projects in the same year.Declaration after they log in guangdong government affairs service network in guangzhou points hall into “policy to deliver service zone”, choose “priority to promote intellectual property plan project” “intellectual property rights protection mechanism construction project” “enterprises intellectual property rights protection project”, click “I want to bid”, item by item, fill in, upload filing materials, can complete the online declaration.It is understood that in order to meet the differentiated service needs of enterprises, Guangzhou Government Affairs Service Data Administration Bureau also provides consulting, guidance, coordination and other intimate services through the policy cashed window of the municipal Government affairs Service Hall, 12345 government affairs service convenience hotline and other channels, making efforts to make enterprises feel at ease and at ease.