To make a long story short: sub-health and TCM health preservation are not what the outside says

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Introduction of sub-health is a very popular term, in the first ten years or 20 years to have a lot of research before, I looked up some information, found that the health of this word is derived from the former Soviet union a doctor, is probably in the 80 s, Qingdao after a doctor saw the word, wrote in an article in Chinese literature.We must want to know what is sub-health?Because, you read so many domestic sub-health science, you still don’t know what is sub-health.Today I will tell you the most accurate meaning of sub-health. What is the essence of keeping in good health?There are only two states of health. People’s health is divided into two states: healthy and unhealthy. Unhealthy state is a synonym for disease, and healthy state is your original state.Therefore, sub-health has no diagnostic criteria.In a sense, except for those who are born unhealthy and have congenital diseases, everyone in life is in a kind of sub-health, because the life process of all people is from healthy to unhealthy (disease), aging is also a disease.Therefore, we can say that all people need to keep in good health, and the purpose of keeping in good health is to lengthen and slow down the time from healthy to unhealthy.However, sub-health does not need to intervene with drugs.That is, don’t let “good people” — people who aren’t sick — take pills.There are three points to keep in good health to avoid from health to sub-health and reduce the speed from health to sub-health. We just need to do a good job in keeping in good health.In fact, the method of health is very simple: the first is to eat a balanced diet, balanced four qi, harmony of the five flavors, while paying attention to the nourishing of flesh and blood.The second is to turn into emptiness.The tian emptiness makes people in a state of peace, not in a state of emergency.Human life is divided into peaceful state and stress state, stress state, the human nerve is in a highly excited state, will secrete a large number of emergency hormones, the emergency hormones in the short term is to let people escape, escape from danger, long-term is pathogenic.Third, “a gentleman should not stand behind a wall of danger.”To live safely, such as safe travel, such as safe eating, such as away from garbage people and so on…Otherwise, the first two do well, but also in vain.To sum up health is three words: diet to achieve the balance of the four qi, the five tastes and mood to do a good job of tian ‘nihilism’, calm and life to stay away from danger, life safety