The fifth day to meet the god of wealth, now you are their biggest god of wealth

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Today is the fifth day, to welcome the god of wealth.Early in the morning, I turned over some information and wrote a copy about welcoming the god of wealth.Welcome which god of wealth?How to meet?How to meet?These traditional cultural customs, very interesting, I also learned myself.Then I recorded it as a one-minute video, and it got nearly 2,000 views.More than half of the reading should be automatically pushed by the system.It seems that everyone is quite interested in traditional culture, and culture is also a good research direction.Why do people like the god of wealth so much?Have you ever thought about this problem?You’re gonna laugh at me. Who doesn’t like the god of wealth?Economic development is the material foundation for improving people’s livelihood, and people all dream of making money.With the dream of wealth, the god of wealth has been in charge of wealth.The fanatical belief of the god of wealth reflects people’s desire for wealth and places people’s simple and beautiful feelings for wealth.The god of wealth also divides.The gods of wealth in literature are Li Yizu and Bi Gan, the gods of wealth in martial arts are Guan Yu and Zhao Gong, and the gods of wealth are partial.However, no matter which way the folk god of wealth, most of them are the embodiment of justice and goodness.This is to remind people that “a gentleman loves wealth in the right way”, do not take ill-gotten wealth, after prosperity and wealth, but always be grateful, kind, say good words, do good things.You can be your biggest god of wealth from the god of wealth on justice and goodness, as long as you have a heart to give, good heart good words good deeds, at the moment you are their biggest god of wealth.There is money giving, law giving and fearlessness giving in giving.In addition to helping others with your money, your smile and encouragement, your philanthropy, and your positive attitude radiate power from the inside out to influence others and plant the seeds of a prosperous life for others.Here we tell a familiar story: one windy night, four old men came to knock at a rich man’s house.Then the four old men said, “We would like to come to your house, but only one person can be invited to your house.”The first man said he was health, the second man said he was wealth, the third man said he was happiness, the fourth man said he was love.Then ask the rich man to invite one of the four of them to live in his home.At this time, the rich man was in a dilemma.He wanted to invite all four, but he could only invite one.Then who?Finally, he said, “Let Love in.”When Love entered, the three old men followed.At this time, the rich man was puzzled: “Didn’t it say that only one could come in?”The old man said to him, “Because you chose love, and when love comes, health comes, wealth comes, happiness comes.”In the New Year, we all wish you more health, wealth and happiness.But what is the actual source of health, wealth and happiness?Is love.When love comes in, the health, wealth and happiness you want will follow.We need to show love to the people around us so don’t forget to show love to the people who love you and the people you love.She cooks for me and takes care of my children. I want to love my mother-in-law. I really love you too much.My parents gave birth to me and raised me, very hard, not easy, I want to love their parents, call them every day, send information.Husband always accompany me, never abandon, husband I also love you too.My children, you are too lovely, always so good, children I love you too……When we become love itself, everyone looks at us and thinks we are loving.When you become the light of love, you will find that there is a gentleness and beauty in your actions.So, when we cook, even our ingredients become lovely and you are happy every day.Cherish those who cook and eat with us, while the Spring Festival holiday!Hello, I am Zhuang Jingwei, a lover of words, published “100 College Students’ Youth Dreams”, “Youth Eureka”.More beautiful articles, welcome to pay attention to!