Only 0.75 points!World No. 1: She takes gold with home advantage

2022-06-17 0 By

Beijing time on February 18, according to the Oriental Sports Daily reported that gu Ailing, the world no. 1 in women’s platform, she believed that Gu Ailing won the gold medal by home advantage in the platform final.Tess Rudd took the silver, losing by 0.75 points.Gu took home two gold MEDALS and one silver, the first of which came from the platform.In fact, in this event, Gu Ailing unlike halfpipe, has absolute advantage, finally, Gu Ailing thrilling gold.In the competition, Tess Rudd scored 94.50 on his first jump, while Gu scored 93.75.In the second round, Tess Ryder scored 93.00 points, while Gu scored 88.50.For the first two jumps, Tess Rudd scored 187.50 points to Gu’s 182.25.In the third jump, Gu Ailing came out first and completed the miracle moves. She scored 94.50 points in single round and reached the highest score of 188.25 points in two rounds, surpassing Tess Ludd’s 187.50 points!Under heavy pressure, world No. 1 Tess Rudd made a mistake on the big platform and scored only 73.50 points on her final jump. Gu took the gold.After the game, Tess Ludde was very sad, Gu Ailing stepped forward to comfort, but Tess Ludde did not want to ignore.To her surprise, Tess Rudd still holds a grudge, and now she has shut down Gu on social media.Tess Ludde believes that Gu Ailing won the first gold medal because of home advantage.But apparently, Tess Reid was wrong.First, Tess Reed herself missed her last jump, which shows that her hard power needs to be improved.Second, Gu Ailing’s second jump is really super god.Of course, Tess Reed is only 20 years old. It’s not easy. Last year, Tess Reed’s father died.This winter Olympics, she hopes to reward her father with a gold medal.Tess Reid became a world champion at the age of 15, but has yet to win an Olympic gold medal in her career.Four years from now in Italy, Tess Reid will be competing for Olympic gold. She will only be 24 years old.In the end, Tess Reid finished with a silver medal in the women’s big jump and a seventh place in the women’s slopestyle.