Hu Hao inspected and supervised epidemic prevention and control, security and stability maintenance, and visited frontline personnel

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On January 31, the lunar New Year’s eve, chief of the communist party Wu Xue Hu Hao in-depth community, traffic police, fire, epidemic prevention and control command, see sympathy line workers, on-the-spot inspection supervision to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, dealing with low temperature to prevent rain and snow weather, epidemic prevention and control work, asked to plan as a whole to be epidemic prevention and control, safety, stability and economic and social development work, implement all measures to fall fine,Let the people of the city spend a safe and happy Spring Festival.Wang Guanghua, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, Wen Hui, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Municipal Party Committee Office, as well as major leaders of the municipal Emergency Management Bureau and public Security Bureau attended the event.Hu Hao talked with Zhu Peihua at his home in Zhuqiwu community, Wuxue Street, to get a detailed understanding of winter heating methods and measures to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, and told him to strengthen the awareness of prevention and safe heating.Hu Hao stressed that all relevant departments should carry out doorknocking action to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, and publicize and explain the work in villages and households. Special attention should be paid to the elderly, the disabled, low-income families and other groups, so that residents can master prevention methods and do a good job in safety prevention.More efforts should be made to publicize the epidemic prevention and control policies, and encourage overseas residents not to return to their hometowns as much as possible.We need to do a good job in the people’s ideological work, strengthen risk screening, resolve conflicts and disputes in a timely manner, and effectively solve problems and difficulties for the people.We should carry out cultural and recreational activities welcomed by the people, enrich people’s holiday life, guide them to celebrate festivals in a civilized way, further strengthen the relationship between the Party and the masses, and let the people feel the care and warmth of the Party committee and the government.In the city traffic police brigade, Hu Hao to the city’s traffic police to ensure road safety and smooth hard pay to express gratitude and respect.He said that the more festivals, the more heavy the task of traffic police, especially the Spring Festival, people give up their homes, take care of everyone, for the general public travel safety made a great contribution.I hope you will continue to carry forward the fine style of not fearing hardship and not fearing fatigue, stick to your posts, strictly enforce the law, civilized law enforcement, spare no effort to do a good job during the Spring Festival road smooth work, to create a safe, smooth and orderly road traffic environment for the people.In the city fire brigade rescue, Hu Hao shook hands with all the fire rescue squad to express greeting, for the past year the city’s fire rescue teams take the bull by the horns, charge before, and high quality development of economy and society for Wu Xue thank the contribution, hope city fire rescue team, continue to carry forward the fine style of work, earnestly perform their duties according to the mission, a solid BeiQin on duty,In particular, fire prevention and control, low temperature rain and snow and other extreme weather response and other emergency rescue preparations should be made to ensure that the city’s people have a safe, stable and peaceful Spring Festival.Epidemic prevention and control in city headquarters, Hu Hao see sympathy headquarters office, the working group staff, ask duty unattended, rotation, holiday life safeguard, etc, express our heartfelt thanks to their hard work and told everybody always tight epidemic prevention and control this string, keep continuous hard style, continue to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control of variousAt the same time, we will strictly implement policies, neither increase nor relax them, and step up oversight to ensure that prevention and control measures are implemented to ensure people’s safety and health.