How to make a successful transition to game modeling?What are the types of game modeling?

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There are two types of people who do well in this field.The first kind of people I call him craftsmen, first of all this kind of people in the low mode topology UV these physical work is very standard lift, work is very clean, software technology.And in the most need art foundation anti-embrittlement and mapping part do not bad, but they do this part fully rely on the experience and technique, what do you mean, for example to make a realistic head, avoiding eyes how carving, which place card, to the pine, carved clothing fold memorizing technique, what two tight a loose and so on.The final result is passing, can reach 70 points, some people can reach 80 points, but things look rigid is inevitable, easy to one side.Add teacher wei :VIP452141 and then there is the second type of people, I call him artists.These people are at ease in the high model stage, and the convenience of the software allows them to express their own aesthetic norms freely.Do things without a formula, can do should be like shape, do things are very clever, vivid.To 90 out of 100.The most critical point is that the techniques and laws of craftsmen are unambiguously derived from artists. They observe things, reproduce things, discover the laws of beauty and nature behind things, and summarize them into chapters.A workman may draw a tiger like a cat.Or rather, they are the source.It’s not that the craftsman is worse than the artisan.Not at all.And this line of nature, is a artisan industry, I saw a very wonderful and accurate high mold shape master, but to the topological baking stage did not maximize the retention of high mold information, wiring UV placement is not enough, the final effect was discounted.And besides the studio that has pursuit rarely or advocate the United States, general 70 80 very passed to you.You can do a 90, that’s great, but you might as well do a 70 if you’re slower.The software is jian Zong, there are moves.Art is airbender, mind method, by understanding.Both should study hard practice, you do not endure hardship, rely on see, rely on hearing, not of.Training institutions, including online courses.These routines can make you a martial arts master within a short period of time. However, as time goes by, you will find that most people’s software technology tends to be at the same level, while artists will constantly develop new art routines, and you can only follow behind to learn.Of course, you can get up to 80, no matter which road you take in this industry, you can almost go wherever you want.First: Classification of game modeling in the game, the classification of models is diverse, there are scene model, building model, animation model, character model and the prop model used by the role.The production of the game model is ultimately applied to the game engine, only in the game can reflect the texture of the model and people’s imagination.In the game, the scene props model is the most, occupying the most resources, just like a knife, designers need to carefully color and polish through multiple aspects, in order to make it appear cool in the game.Game character model building model props weapon model blizzard games model for 3 d modeler, role, scene modeling are need to master the skills, a modeler cannot only acquire the single skills of role modeling or scene modeling, because in different game project, modeler is responsible for the section of change,Therefore, comprehensive skills can help you better adapt to the position and achieve long-term career development.Finally, when I started, I didn’t know 3D software, I didn’t know how to do things.I’m on my way to becoming an artist.Art level as a job, long enough, but the pursuit of self has no end.To be the source is my goal and motivation.