What are the requirements for the installation of open radiator?

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Although the weather outside is still sunny, but have to admit that the weather has become significantly colder, so many friends have recently started to discuss this year’s heating problem.There are many ways to decorate the heating room, but for the old house or just decorated before the user did not install heating, bright radiator is economic, effective, convenient, affordable choice.Below, Jin Flagship xiaobian will take you to understand.Ming installed radiator for the decoration of the house tailor-made, especially in the south of the user basically choose Ming installed radiator.The radiator is installed on the surface of the wall, the heating water supply pipe and the water return pipe are exposed on the outside surface, without burying the pipe, the pipe is exposed in the wall, ceiling and other places, to avoid the problem of destruction of the wall and floor in the wall slot.Ming decoration radiator, very suitable for decoration and has been living in the house.In terms of radiator material, there are mainly steel radiator and copper aluminum composite radiator on the market.Steel radiator appearance beautiful, can be more selective, heat dissipation performance is stable, low carbon energy saving, green environmental protection.Copper and aluminum composite radiator is resistant to oxidation and corrosion, high heat dissipation efficiency, high pressure, not easy to scale, good environmental protection, although the cost is relatively high, but if the heating water quality is not good, try to choose copper and aluminum composite radiator.We can choose what kind of radiator material according to the local heating water quality and actual needs, to achieve better heating effect.In terms of installation position, radiator can be installed in the living room, bedroom, study, dining room or toilet and other areas, the installation position is more flexible.When installing radiators in the living room, choose the balcony near, conducive to air circulation, not too far away from the heating supervisor, to 2-3 meters, so that the water resistance is not too big, does not affect the heating cooling effect;The installation position of the bedroom radiator should keep a distance from the bed, to avoid sleeping when the heating is too hot to affect sleep;When installing radiator in the study, the installation position is generally placed on the wall wall after the door, the wall next to the window or the wall under the desk.Open radiator installation and maintenance are more convenient, but also to do a good job in daily maintenance and use of maintenance work, so that radiator play a better heat dissipation effect, prolong the service life.The above is the gold flagship aesthetic radiator xiaobian summary of the relevant content, I hope to be helpful to everyone’s life.If you want to know more information, please pay more attention to Jinflagqi, jinflagqi brother will provide you with more complete, more detailed, updated information.