Luannan Mobile Branch visited the officers and soldiers of the station during the Spring Festival

2022-06-16 0 By

On the eve of the Spring Festival, in order to further consolidate the base of military customers and improve the exclusive service level of military customers, Luannan Mobile Branch, the party construction joint venture unit of Tangshan Branch of petrochina And Luannan Branch of China Construction Bank Co., LTD., visited a unit stationed in luanan of the Central Military Region for Spring Festival greetings.Festive greetings and high respect to the officers and soldiers.It is reported that during the discussion, General Manager Wang Jianwei and deputy general manager Sun Xizhen of Luanannan Mobile Branch briefly introduced the basic development situation of the mobile company to the officers and soldiers of the army, and thanked the officers and soldiers of the army for their recognition of the mobile company, and expressed holiday congratulations and sympathy to all the officers and soldiers.The PLA officers and soldiers expressed their heartfelt thanks to Luanan Mobile for its excellent services, and vowed to further strengthen all-round and in-depth cooperation with the company, relying on the network advantages of the mobile company, improve the informatization construction level of the army, and create a new situation of military-enterprise cooperation.Through mutual communication and exchanges, the New Year greeting activity enhanced the deep affection between the county companies and the local garrison, further shortened the distance between the military and enterprises, promoted the joint construction of the military and enterprises, and laid a good foundation for the in-depth cooperation in the next step.Luannan Mobile Branch will further optimize its services, fully serve the construction and development of the local garrison troops, provide technical support for the informatization construction of the troops, support the construction of the troops with practical actions, and jointly write a new chapter of joint military and civilian development!(Reporter Li Fengbin correspondent Zhao Jing)