Jingshang brand | fruit of Life Dream long and bright only perseverance can be seen

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The Spring Festival, also known as the Lunar New Year, is the beginning of a year.On this day, every Chinese will dress up in their best clothes to welcome the New Year. Young people who are struggling away from home will also go back to their hometown on this day to reunite with their families. The whole family will sit together and talk about the ordinary and extraordinary things in this year with laughter.And on This day, the warmest thing is to listen to the elders talk about their experiences when they were young…Vivid about and concentrated listening, a called “young ambition not sorrow” spirit of struggle to inherit.In this issue, xiaobian will introduce you to the fruit of Life column, and you will experience the heart course of 100 craftsmen.”Fruits of Life” running time: 30 minutes ×104 episodes Picture quality: HD Type: large-scale documentary seriesJingshang Media issued a large-scale documentary series “Fruits of Life” exclusive interview with hundreds of people for goals and visions of continuous serious efforts, steadfast forward until the realization of the dream, let life bear fruitful fruits, and creatively collected numerous exclusive historical video files.To recall their challenge and obstacles, the journey forward and story for clues, through relevant historical scenes and moment playback, plus the choreographer professional planning and scheduling, in order so as to reveal you a dusty touching inspirational story, reproduce their twists and turns, turns on the legendary life!Dream as far as possible, so that they can always guide us from afar, this is the best portrayal of them.They come from all walks of life, from scientists who constantly overcome technological difficulties and grow with the Republic;There are also medical scientists who continue to study incurable diseases and find a breakthrough to extend the lives of more people;And constantly hone their skills, study hard, create a wonderful, colorful literary and artistic works of artists…The large-scale documentary series “Fruit of Life” lets us touch a soul full of ideals and enthusiasm, believing in everything, never stopping, and breaking waves.Extraordinary they, the achievement of an extraordinary life.It is also such a life, constantly inspire us to dream, and then steadfast, seriously take every step of life, toward the dream, until our life is also fruitful.It’s the fruit of their lives, and it’s the fruit of our lives!Deciduous fertilizer, fertilizer soil fengxiang fruit, tireless, persistent, fruit of life.It is important to be born with expectations, enthusiasm and a down-to-earth approach to our dreams so that our lives can blossom and truly realize our value.The 104 30-minute episodes are distributed by Jingshang Media.