Her accusative English

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She.Bingo: Her.Accusative is a personal pronoun, which can be divided into subject-accusative.Personal pronouns refer to people or things directly.Nominative: I, he, she, it, you, we, they;Object: me, him, her, it, you, us, them.The nominative case is placed in the subject position and the object position.2, The subject and object are pronouns, and nouns are the same level.Nominative is the subject of the sentence, that is, the object or person performing the action, and object is the object, that is, the receiver of the action.And the action is the predicate.3, subject and predicate subject-case and object are what: generally a basic sentence consists of three parts: subject, predicate and object.The subject is the originator of the action, and the subject case is used in the subject. The predicate part is the predicate verb we often say. It follows the principle of one subject and predicate, the object is the receiver of the action, and the object case is used in the object.