Do you know all six pain signals your body sends out?The doctor tells you once and for all!

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Do you know all six pain signals your body sends out?The doctor tells you once and for all!Our body has encountered pain, in fact, each kind of pain it for our viscera, are different some performance.Today, I will continue to tell you about the pain problem, which is the problem of the viscera?The first kind of pain calls heavy pain, have heavy feeling namely, have a headache for instance, felt the head followed to wrap wet towel next same, heavy, why does the feeling have heavy feeling?The problem of moisture in TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine is that humidity is heavy.Moisture has four characteristics, called heavy, muddy, sticky and greasy.I’m back at number one.When we have heavy pain, it proves that the moisture in the body is heavy. We should strengthen the spleen to go wet on the basis of solving the pain, which is wet syndrome.The second is called soreness, soreness we may be better understood, such as excessive exercise, shoulder acid and pain, pain is because of what?If there is no general pain, we have dampness, which blocks the movement of qi and blood. Qi and blood cannot reach you, so you are sore.There is another kind of pain, such as your kidney qi deficiency, kidney essence is insufficient, qi and blood is refined into our kidney, if the kidney essence deficiency, it can not generate enough qi and blood, can not reach the place where the need for qi and blood, it will also cause backache.So we have to go tonifying the kidney, which is also wet syndrome.The third is colic. Do you know what hanging is?In fact, pain is up, with a knife knife feeling, this is a real evil.It usually happens in the abdomen, especially after you get cold, like if you have stones stuck in there, that’s the kind of pain.It’s a radioactive, gut-wrenching pain. It’s a kind of colic.Colic is stone mostly, ascaris, silt blood disease, blocked blood impasses, this kind of real evil gave qi machine to close block, we say cold coagulation blood stasis, still have stone to include qi stagnation blood stasis, bring about the real evil inside your stomach is blocked inside, this kind of pain calls colic.When we say colic, it can occur when the intestine is stuffed or blocked up.The fourth kind of pain is called empty pain.What does empty pain feel like?It is a feeling of emptiness, pain, can not say the emptiness of the body qi and blood deficiency or deficiency of kidney essence, the qi and blood in our body can not reach this part, at this time there will be the qi and blood we feel is not enough, this is called deficiency.Most of this empty pain in our viscera, especially our stomach, chest and abdomen this often occurs.Deficiency makes up for it. We need to replenish qi and blood, kidney meridian, and nourish our viscera and meridians.The fifth kind is called dull pain.Dull pain, the pain is not too severe, but it is continuous, or every once in a while pain, pain can be tolerated.Most of this kind of situation also belongs to the deficiency of kidney essence deficiency, or the Yang qi deficiency of your body.Why is that?Yang qi is a kind of energy, it can push your blood to run, supply energy to the internal organs.If Yang qi is deficient and cannot nourish your viscera and meridians, there will be these hidden pains, which belong to deficiency.The sixth is called pausing.What is pausing?It’s a pain when a muscle is pulled and pulled, and the reason why it hurts is because it’s a pain in the sinews.Who needs tendon to keep?Need blood to nourish, this kind of situation is the expression of blood deficiency generally.Blood deficiency can not support your meridians, or we suffer from cold, cold coagulation meridians caused by the pain.So it’s important to distinguish between the six types of pain that have different causes.When we encounter these pain, find the cause is actually easy to solve.For example, blood deficiency, we have to go to replenish blood.So cold, we have to go to the cold, there are many specific ways to disperse cold, such as moxibustion, hot water bag, it is ok.As long as we find the right cause of the problem, we can solve it better.