Colorful New Year’s Eve

2022-06-16 0 By

Very beautiful flowers explode one after another in the sky, as fast as hurricane, lightning, stone, fire, snake dance in the sky, drum, bang, sudden roll, thunder, cascade waves in the Three Gorges, tidal surges, mountains and rivers, colorful Celebrations in China totem all over the sky fireworks, meat fragrant floating thousands of people.Startled thunder shook the earth, joy diffuse tianya.Corridor red light shake, room product weak tea.Screen song heyday, wine words mulberry ma.Fireworks dazzling new scenery, volley firecrackers into a forest.A year of wind and rain with smoke gone, half the cold total wine pouring.Children and grandchildren around the knee more comfortable, food and clothing carefree happy for the rest of my life I hope poetry is good, do not remember the morning and evening hold knee Yin.