50% discount store will be off the shelves, purple star currency store to join the limited star legend, meet the special effects of divine deer redo

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Valentine’s Day is coming, meaning to open a new round of activities, but also a new skin shelves.As the new campaign hits the shelves, some of the old ones are coming to an end, like the group consumption campaign.The mystery Store is also closing, meaning there will no longer be discount skins available, so those who want to buy them will need to hurry.In addition, ma purple star currency mall will join a new skin, this skin is yao star legend, need to pay attention to is that this star legend is limited, so can not be like those star legend before slowly save purple star currency exchange.Recently, some netizens revealed that the special effects of meeting divine deer have been weakened. What is the matter? Let’s take a look.The mystery store opened during the Spring Festival is coming to an end now. Whether it is 50% off, 60% off or 30% off, when the time comes, the mystery store will be closed, and it will be impossible to buy.It may not be the next time, and it certainly won’t be the same skin, so if there’s anything you like in the mystery store, buy it now.The mysterious store is worth buying the infinite star appreciation officer and liu Bei’s lover, these two are the first time to enter the mysterious store, so do not guarantee the next time, this can buy to buy.In addition, there are cats and dogs diary dawn guardian golden ratio and other classic skin can also be considered, there is a discount to buy or very fragrant.Purple star currency store to join the limited star legend yao star legend skin after all, after the last linkage skin was cancelled know that there will be such a day, so this skin will not let players be surprised.The quality of this star legend is still quite good, purple effects compared to the original skin is a big improvement.If you have enough purple star coins and plan to buy yao’s Valentine’s Day limit, then this star legend must start, do not matter, must have, otherwise it will be very regrettable.If you don’t have purple Star but want it, you have to charge it.In addition to the tuhao players, it is estimated that most players of purple star currency will not be too much, because there are now 6 star legend, Yao jia is seven, most players more or less are exchanged for a two, there is no more purple star currency for yao.And if you have to pay for it, it’s not worth it, mainly because it’s too expensive.But if you don’t charge money, this star legend is limited, after a time off, even if there is enough purple star coins can not buy.So if you really want to buy, you should plan ahead and be prepared to guarantee the bottom.After the exposure of this skin, some players reported that the special effects of this skin were negatively optimized, the light chain of the big trick’s possession was gone, and there was a shield on the teammate’s body when he was on his head.As for why there is negative optimization, I believe you know that this kind of thing is not unknown before.With a new legendary skin to sell, this high quality epic must not look too good to meet.It is said that yao’s valentine’s Day limited skin wind review seems to have not met the deer good, after the skin broke the news there is player feedback need to optimize this skin.And there are many aspects of optimization, including modeling, special effects and exit animations, etc., players have given feedback that they need to be optimized.The authorities should not be deaf to this and there should be some optimisation once the skin comes out.It is said that the next opening of the mystery store after the removal of the matter should be six months later, so if you want to buy skin, take advantage of this time to buy.Purple star currency mall joined yao limited star legend, this star legend is relatively rare, because one is star legend, and two is limited, conditional buy don’t miss it.The special effects of meeting divine Deer have been weakened a little bit, mainly reflected in the special effects of big move, this is also for the new skin to have better sales, before Guan Yu wu Sheng skin when bingfeng Warlord is the same.